Dr Susan Finnerty, inspector of mental health services, said children should only be admitted to an adult service “in exceptional circumstances”.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

Children continue to be admitted to adult mental health units despite a lack of age-appropriate facilities, according to the Mental Health Commission.(...)

Inspectors also found “little improvement” in the Central Mental Hospital’s compliance with regulations since 2017 - dropping from 79 per cent compliance last year to 69 per cent this year. File Photograph:  Dara Mac Donaill

A female patient in the Central Mental Hospital was having to sleep in an interview room because of a lack of bedrooms, inspectors have revealed. In (...)

The inspection of the Department of Psychiatry, Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown was carried out in February.

Human rights breaches in physical restraint of residents, as well as serious breaches of privacy were observed by inspectors at a Dublin-based mental (...)

A patient at the Central Mental Hospital in Dublin was locked in seclusion for more than 71 days in 2018, according to the Mental Health Commission’s annual report. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

A patient at the Central Mental Hospital in Dublin was locked away in seclusion for more than 71 days last year, according to the Mental Health Commis(...)

A file photograph of Dr Susan Finnerty (right) the Inspector of Mental Health Services. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times.

A “lingering complacency” remains around restrictive practices such as physical restraint and seclusion in mental health services, according to the St(...)

Many of those who live in mental health units are vulnerable and elderly, have poor communication abilities and are at high risk of heart disease. Photograph: Getty

Thousands of vulnerable people with severe mental illness are being denied access to essential physical healthcare services, in breach of their human (...)

Chairman of the Mental Health Commission John Saunders. A report by the commission on five centres in counties Clare, Sligo, Tipperary, Cork and Dublin says eight incidents of “critical risk” to patient welfare were detected in addition to 27 “high risk” failings. FIle photograph: Alan Betson

Children were sharing bathrooms with adult patients in an acute psychiatric unit while 20 patients shared one bath and one shower in another facility,(...)

Dirty and unfurnished rooms, inadequate toilet facilities, broken ceilings-panes, under-trained staff, inadequate space and no privacy are among the b(...)

Inspection of the 50-bed acute adult mental health unit at University Hospital Galway  took place last November.  Photograph: Eric Luke

The Mental Health Commission has raised concerns about aspects of the use of physical restraints at a mental health unit in Galway. The concerns foll(...)

The Mental Health Commission published a report in 2018, that found children continue to be admitted to adult mental health facilities deemed inappropriate to their needs. Photograph: iStock

Children with severe mental health problems are being admitted to adult psychiatric wards, due to a lack of age-appropriate facilities. Concerned par(...)

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