Milan is  threatening to sue the Council of Ministers  to get the  European Medicines Agency relocation decision reopened. Photograph: Getty Images

There are red faces in the European Commission this week after the head of the London-based European Medicines Agency publicly complained that the age(...)

Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer Phillip Hammond with his budget at 11 Downing Street in London. Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

Ireland has suffered its fair share of misfortunes in the aftermath of Brexit. While a number of financial institutions have snubbed Dublin for the al(...)

Dublin ran Paris to the last count for the European Banking Agency, beaten on what Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney described as a “technicality”.

Paris and Amsterdam last night won the right to host two key European Union agencies following Brexit, snatching the prizes in both cases through the (...)

An artificial intelligence android developed in Germany. PwC’s forum “Man and Machine” on the economic impact of AI in Ireland takes place at Convention Centre Dublin on Wednesday. Photograph: Carsten Koall/AFP/Getty Images

Monday Indicators: German producer price index (Oct). Meetings: EU decision on the relocation of European Medicines Agency and European Banking Ag(...)

Ireland  has seen some €10bn   invested here in the last decade by biopharmaceutical and biologics businesses

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow someone some good, but for EU states Brexit has few upsides. One real prize, probably the biggest, is the chance to(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel and British prime minister Theresa May share a lighthearted moment at the European Union leaders’ summit in Brussels. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Prospects for a speedy deal on key elements of the Brexit negotiations improved on Thursday night when the UK’s prime minister Theresa May set out her(...)

Donald Tusk: Leo Varadkar will meet the European Council president at Thursday morning’s meeting of European People’s Party leaders. Photograph: Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters

The Brexit negotiations, which started this week, will be the ghost at the feast of the two-day European Union summit that opens today in Brussels: ev(...)