‘Diabetes and cancer share certain risk factors that might contribute to these associations . . . obesity, smoking and diet are examples of likely key factors.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Having diabetes is linked with an increased risk of developing a number of cancers as well as poorer survival following a cancer diagnosis, according (...)

Cut out sugary drinks: this is one easy way to avoid taking in too much sugar and other useless “ingredients”

Only the most abstemious subject themselves to a life without treats. For the rest of us, giving in to indulgence is part of the fun. You can even mak(...)

Experts from Japan looked at data from 21 studies concerning more than 300,000 people and found the association between daytime snoozes and type 2 diabetes.

People who take long afternoon naps are more likely to have diabetes, a new study suggests. Those who nap for more than an hour a day have a 45 per c(...)

As anyone with diabetes knows, the process of monitoring glucose levels can be inconvenient at best and painful at worst. Monitoring levels are import(...)