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The funding of Drinkaware by the alcohol industry, including Diageo and Heineken, is made clear on the website. Photograph: Getty Images

Minister for Health Simon Harris’s interference in media treatment of alcohol issues feels worse than a hangover. Just over a fortnight ago, it seems (...)

Almost one in five said they engaged in regular binge drinking sessions, while 44% reported weekly drinking.

Almost two-thirds of people under 25 years of age drink alcohol as a coping mechanism, according to new research. The 2019 Drinkaware Index, carried (...)

“Drinking is not a bad thing necessarily, it’s about how you drink and what you drink. If you do it sensibly, that’s a good message for young people to see and that is more likely to lead to a healthy relationship with alcohol for your children” Photograph: iStock

It’s an inconvenient truth that children take much more notice of what we do rather than what we say, which can make all-age entertaining at home over(...)