The Minister for Finance  Paschal Donohoe has committed to another review of the levy.

Credit unions will have to pay a fifth stabilisation levy contribution next year under regulations signed into law by the Minister for Finance Paschal(...)

Irish League of Credit Unions headquarters. The Department of Finance concluded that the Credit Union Restructuring Board had completed its task and recommended its “orderly wind-down”.

The Credit Union Restructuring Board (ReBo) is to be wound down after using just a fraction of the money set aside for it to carry out its reform of t(...)

New Dawn for Credit Unions : Business : Irish Times Imaging

The Irish credit union movement has avoided – to the surprise of many prophets of doom – the spectacular implosion that befell the banking sector duri(...)

Irish League of Credit Unions Headquarters, Dublin: the number of credit unions in Ireland fell from about 400 in 2007 to 320 last year. Photograph: Frank Miller

Irish credit unions have seen their loan book shrink by 45 per cent in the past eight years, leaving their loans-to-assets ratio at a “dismal” level t(...)

Regulations signed into law by the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, will require individual credit unions to pay a stabilisation levy equivialent to 0.22 per cent of their total assets every year.

Credit unions will next year begin paying a new levy to fund a scheme that will provide support for any of these organisations that require financial (...)

A new levy can be introduced under existing legislation

Credit unions are to be asked to pay €5 million-a-year into a stabilisation fund under proposals being considered by the Minister for Finance, (...)

With Newbridge Credit Union dominating the headlines thanks to its swift transfer to Permanent TSB at the behest of the Central Bank, credit unions ha(...)