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How the Mafia got to our food

Giuseppe Antoci had been warned more than once. “You will end with your throat cut,” read one note, composed entirely of individual letters clipped fr(...)

A third of all business in the Italian agricultural sector in 2013 was linked to illegal activities, including the production of counterfeit products such as olive oil

Italy’s mafia has taken advantage of the deteriorating economy and tight lending conditions brought about by the country’s three-year recession by exp(...)

Police and fire brigade members take part in search operations for a missing person after torrential rain in Serra Ricco near Genoa in Italy today.  A wave of storms and torrential rain killed four people overnight near the Italian-Swiss border. Photograph: Luca Zennaro/EPA.

Four people died when mudslides hit their homes in the border area between Italy and Switzerland overnight, and a fifth was missing near the Italian (...)

Italian police have foiled what producers believe would have been the world’s biggest wine fraud. Photograph: Jamal Saidi/Reuters

Italian police foiled an attempted scam aimed at passing off over 165,000 litres of cheap red wine as one of the country’s most famous, which usually (...)

A former employee of Maflow automobile air conditioning company dismantles an old electronic device at the closed factory at Trezzano sul Naviglio near Milan.

Do not be fooled by the elegant, affable and cultured persona of 46-year-old Italian prime minister Enrico Letta. When he steps up to the plate to rep(...)

Italian businessman Marcello Di Finizio displays a banner to protest against austerity measures, on the dome of St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi

Lest anyone had any doubts, two reports in the last two days indicate the devastating(...)