Technology companies have heeded the call to alleviate the crisis.

Many Irish businesses may be on hold, but whether it is providing supports for frontline workers or helping to come up with diagnostic solutions, tech(...)

Code Institute’s customers include global companies such as BT, Facebook, Google and Hubspot

Code Institute, an educational technology company that teaches coding over the web to customers, including the staff of multinationals, has raised €1.(...)

Innovation award winner Aid:Tech made the list because it has a ‘tech for good’ angle.

Irish software company AId:Tech has been included on a list of Europe’s top digital champions. The company, which has developed a secure way to deliv(...)

Beyond the script: Code Institute works with industry advisors to develop and keep up to date courses it says are addressing the skills gap that exists in the industry both in Ireland and overseas

Education technology company Code Institute has raised €500,000 in seed funding as it seeks to develop its suite of courses and expand overseas. Th(...)