‘The return needs to be reflected on and it needs to be thoughtful.’ Photograph: Getty

With a significant proportion of Irish workplaces expected to reopen by September, many organisations are already well down the road of planning what (...)

A recent survey found that just 14 per cent of Irish companies now opposed flexible working. Photograph: iStock

Employment conditions need to be “significantly reviewed” in light of the coronavirus pandemic, as much of the legislation in place is not fit for pur(...)

‘To not anticipate workplaces that are proofed against future pandemics is to go right back to the blind spot from which we all started.’

Will Covid-19 bring about the end of the office? It’s a question some businesses are considering as they look at ways to return to something like norm(...)

“Young people coming into the workplace now have an expectation that their wellbeing will be addressed.” Photograph: iStock
The pursuit of workplace happiness

Happiness is an interesting topic, according to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) director Mary Connaughton. “We’re finding that(...)

Oonagh Buckley, deputy secretary general of  Department of Justice, will brief CIPD on  implications of the gender equality bill

Monday Indicators: Euro zone loan growth and money supply (May), manufacturing PMI (June), unemployment (May); Bank of England consumer credit (May(...)

Students taking the MA in Modern Irish history at UCD will have an opportunity to focus on their own particular areas of interest

We take a look at a selection of the many postgraduate courses available in Ireland’s universities, institutes of technology and colleges. Where indic(...)

With fewer than half  of all workers having a workplace or private pension, and concerns over the future viability of the State pension, the need for a supplementary savings is seen as essential. Photograph: iStock

It’s been a long time in coming but is a private pension for all ever actually going to get here? First mooted back in 2006, auto-enrolment, where em(...)

To hold on to them, employers need to align their values with those of their younger workers, the research suggests. These include tolerance and inclusivity. Photograph: Getty Images

It was always likely to happen. Millennials started out in their careers determined to make a difference, workers in search of purpose. Then they join(...)

Mary Connaughton: “Building an organisation where people learn continuously is not just about courses and online access, but about building a culture that promotes learning as part of the day-to-day.”

The pace of change is so fast in workplaces in Ireland that skills and knowledge become obsolete very quickly. New technologies and game-changers such(...)

The research found that pay increases as part of a counter-offer to staff intending to move on was most evident in large organisations with over 250 employees

Companies are increasingly offering pay rises to ensure staff don’t leave, with tech firms in particular going all out to retain essential employees w(...)

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