NUIG’s Prof Pat Dolan: “It can be easily argued that while we have given forensic attention to the economic recovery, we have not yet given enough focus to the human cost and or recovery.”  Photograph: Aengus McMahon

Researchers need to “wake up” to the “lived experience of citizens” and produce work that is relevant now to families and communities, an NUI Galway ((...)

Eoin Carley at the Paris Observatory

Postgraduate qualifications in a word: research. Postgrads are all about specialist thinking, of looking at the world in new ways, and figuring out(...)

Minister of State with responsibility for disability Kathleen Lynch:  “In all cases, the person’s will and preferences will have to be centre stage.” Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A 140-year-old law that labels people with intellectual disabilities as “lunatics” is finally being replaced.Existing legislation governing mental cap(...)