Remote working hubs will become commonplace as in the post-pandemic world of work, with the Government planning to create of network of 400 hubs  and tax breaks for individuals and companies that support homeworking. Photograph: iStock

At Irish software company 3D Issue, employees work a four-day week. Paul McNulty, its founder, says the policy helps attract local talent. Since the p(...)

Henry Hardinge and Ian Mortlock at a market in Cambridge. ‘It’s a disaster area,’ says Mortlock of Brexit. Photograph: Patrick Freyne

In 2016, 73.8 per cent of voters in the university town of Cambridge voted to remain in the EU. It’s among the richest cities in the UK with a large i(...)

Business secretary Vince Cable: “The US subprime mortgage crisis and its British equivalent were built on the shaky foundations of encouraging mass home purchase in inflating markets, and we know where that led. It must not happen again,” he warned.  Photograph: PA

The UK economy is enjoying its fastest rate of growth since the onset of the financial crisis in 2007, with government figures yesterday estimating(...)