Blockchain, which has been hailed in some quarters as the most revolutionary technology since the internet, is forecast to disrupt a large number of industries

Blockchain may be considered the latest and greatest technology but it seems that organisations in Ireland have yet to succumb to the hype. Research (...)

Blockchain represents a new way to access and trust data communicated through the internet.   Photograph: EPA/Patrick Huerlimann

IDA Ireland published a report last year promoting Ireland as a European location for blockchain developments. In March this year, Minister for Financ(...)

Bitcoin: For many, the big deal is not the world’s best-known digital currency, but  the platform it is based on.

Cryptocurrency-watchers the world over have their sights trained on the Winklevoss twins. If you’ve seen The Social Network, you’ll know them as the U(...)

Blockchain technology has had  its share of sceptics, principally because of its association with bitcoin, above, a cryptocurrency that has, in the past, been used  for the sale of illicit drugs and arms, among other things.

Blockchain technology, the digital ledger underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, is moving one step closer to legitimisation with(...)