“If you are studying pharmacology, you might think you’ll be in a hospital or retail unit, but it is a degree you can use in industry, too.” Photograph: iStock

The demand for life science and pharma professionals in Ireland is high. As a result, salaries are increasing overall and there is an ample number of (...)

Boris Johnson and Ukip’s Douglas Carswell on the campaign trail ahead of the Brexit referendum. ‘A crude question divides a nation, driven by emotions not on the ballot paper, paralysing politics for years to come.’ File photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Confirmation bias is everywhere. You are what you read – and you read stories that confirm who you think you are. So Guardian types find their eyes, d(...)

Prices for branded drugs bought by the NHS are negotiated between the government and the industry. The system, which was last negotiated in 2008 and which imposes a price cap, does not regulate prices of generic drugs or branded products sold over the counter by chemists. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Prices paid by the National Health Service to drug firms will be cut by up to a fifth from early 2014 unless the companies offer substantial reduction(...)