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The Huntstown gas power plant which came back online over the weekend. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Data centres and large energy users would be the first to go off the national electricity grid in the event of power shortages while hospitals and pri(...)

Demand for gas from the residential sector is up 19 per cent on pre-Covid levels in August. Photograph: Angel Garcia/Bloomberg

More than four times as much coal and over twice as much oil has been used in power generation this year compared to 2020 as two major natural gas pla(...)

An announcement on a bonus for frontline workers will be made in the coming budget. Photograph: iStock

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has suggested bus and retail workers should be considered for any pandemic bonus. The Coalition has indicated its w(...)

Low winds on both sides of the Irish Sea have sent wholesale power prices soaring. Photograph: iStock

A shortfall in power left Ireland at risk of blackouts on Thursday after the Single Electricity Market Operator (Semo) issued another amber warning “d(...)

The increasing number of data centres in Ireland will put additional demand on  electricity supply. Photograph: iStock

The recently published IPCC climate science report published by the UN is a global wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need for rapid and significan(...)

‘Matching high energy users’ demand with zero emissions power would significantly reduce the emissions impact while also reducing stress on the grid at time of high demand.’ Photograph: iStock

New large electricity users and data centres should only be allowed connect to the national grid if they meet their own electricity requirements with(...)

Data centres currently require up to 1,100MW from the national grid

Confirmation that power plants in Cork and Dublin will be back online in the autumn has considerably eased the immediate risk to electricity supplies (...)

Forecasts that electricity demand will continue growing have increased the focus on the pressures faced by the Republic’s supply network.

Two electricity plants whose shutdown added to a squeeze on energy supplies last winter could restart generating later this year. Surging electricity(...)

Among other proposals, the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities  suggested imposing a moratorium on grid connections for data centres, whose growth is partly blamed for increasing electricity demand, particularly close to Dublin. Photograph: iStock

Warnings that electricity demand was pushing supplies to their limit sparked concern among multinationals in the Republic, IDA Ireland has told regula(...)

The  Energia-gas powered station at Huntstown, Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A review meant to gauge security of energy supplies in the Republic will not be completed until next year, according to Eamon Ryan, Minister for the E(...)

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