Vint Cerf

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‘This isn’t copyright reform. It’s copyright redefinition to benefit – surprise – corporations’

Wednesday was not a good day for the internet. In a morning vote in Brussels, the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) voted 14-9 to(...)

Microsoft is among the tech giants that could see their power curbed under the new rules. Photograph: PA Wire

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other tech giants could face more curbs on their market power after a European Parliament committee voted in favour of(...)

Past visions of the future: Then minister for public enterprise Mary O’Rourke launches the world’s first internet television, Mitsubshi’s netset. Photograph: Maxwells

A report revealing pathetic broadband speeds in Ireland frayed tempers in business sector bodies this past week, which warned of potential job losses (...)

Vint Cerf: “I worry about preserving digital content over literally hundreds of years”

One of the founding fathers of the internet has said more must be done to ensure that people are protected from harm online while also warning of the (...)

Print items here falls under a statutory requirement to be archived and made available in the library at Trinity College Dublin

A print book versus an ebook. A report printed by a government agency versus one available from the agency’s website. Same thing, just in a different(...)