Velvet Cloud

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Jerusalem artichoke  works great in risotto. Photograph: iStock

We are, most us, comfortable making risotto with various meats and vegetables, such as chicken or mushrooms. But what about starchy vegetables? Could (...)

Michael and Aisling Flanagan of Mayo-based Velvet Cloud, a maker of natural sheep’s milk yoghurt and cheese.

Covid-19 has radically accelerated digital transformation around the world, turbo-boosting everything from telehealth to fintech. Initial lockdowns fo(...)

Michael Flanagan: “We  believe these products will appeal to consumers looking for foods that address concerns around digestive health, food intolerances and clean eating”

How do you milk a sheep? “With great care and attention,” says Michael Flanagan founder of Rockfield Dairy, a new Mayo-based company producing sheep’s(...)