Anchor has intuitive audio trimming that guides the user by selecting text from the transcribed recording rather than soundwaves

If you’re looking to create a podcast on a budget with minimal effort, then the Anchor smartphone app is the perfect choice - but only because a major(...)

Mighty Music Player Although this has something of the outward aesthetic of the now-unavailable iPod Shuffle, its application is quite diff(...)

Golden Discs flagship store on Patrick’s Street in  Cork:  In its latest annual accounts for the period to the year ended December 2016, the group returned a net profit of over €172,000.

Record store chain Golden Discs has returned to profit partly as a result of vinyl sales, the company said on Tuesday. In its latest annual accounts (...)

SoundCloud’s inability to create a stable business model on top of its large audience is indicative of broader challenges in the music industry.

SoundCloud is cutting about 40 per cent of its staff in a cost-cutting move the digital music service says will give it a better financial footing to (...)

City workers walk past cafes and retail stores in a shopping street in Stockholm, Sweden . Photographer: Mikael Sjoberg/Bloomberg

Sweden will from the start of next year eliminate income taxes on stock options at smaller start-up companies, meeting its vibrant tech community half(...)

“Print circulation and advertising slip further every year, with little realistic prospect that digital revenues will make up the shortfall in the visible future.”

The first regular commission I had with this newspaper was writing the Film of the Day for the TV listings page. It was only 50 words, but I do recall(...)

“It would seem to me  that if these hackers are so clever that they can carry out all these attack successfully then it is odd that they would be so stupid as to not cover their tracks.” Photograph: Getty Images

Who says crime doesn’t pay? A leading international IT security expert has warned that cybercrime will continue to flourish because the chances of get(...)

Rory McIlroy earned $50m, while Conor McGregor pocketed $34 million to make in into Forbes’s  World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities 2017 list

Golfer Rory McIlroy and MMA and UFC star Cornor McGregor are among the world’s top 100 earning “celebrities”. Four-time Major winner McIlroy earned $5(...)

 Taylor Swift: back catalogue now available again on music streaminjg services. Photograph by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Everything has changed: Taylor Swift’s back catalogue has reappeared on streaming services. Subscribers to Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music can(...)

PressReader, a digital newspaper distribution service, plans to recruit 65 people in Ireland in the coming years. Photograph: iStock

PressReader, a digital-newspaper distribution service, has told The Irish Times it plans to create 65 skilled jobs in Dublin in the coming years. The(...)