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‘An AI that’s as clever as we are would, presumably, be as good at we are at programming AIs’

“I don’t expect your children to die of old age,” I was told, recently. It took me aback somewhat. Most AI researchers think it’s only a matter of ti(...)

The Amazon logo and stock price information   at the Nasdaq market site in New York on  September 4th, the day Amazon  became a trillion dollar company. Photograph:   Reuters

What do you make of the news in the past few weeks that we now have not one but two international US tech companies with market capitalisations excee(...)

Head of Dell’s new IoT division Ray O’Far: “We’ve made a business out of storing and processing the world’s most valuable data.”

From hipster, hydroponically-grown designer kale to a Grey’s Anatomy-level story of a race against time to save an infant’s life using state of the ar(...)

Early investigations suggest the Mirai malware code primarily used CCTV cameras and digital video recorders made by a Chinese company, Xiongmai, which has flooded the market with cheap, easily hacked IoT devices. Photograph: iStockphoto

“In a relatively short time we’ve taken a system built to resist destruction by nuclear weapons and made it vulnerable to toasters.” That was the pi(...)

The Skynet virus: it  lets you know that it’s not all bad; rather than destroy your computer it will merely slow it down

This is not a ruse to get malware on your laptop, dear reader. The Malware Museum is a collection of vintage viruses that made their way around comput(...)

Gary Bloom, Chief Executive Officer and President of database technology firm MarkLogic: “Imagine a city that could be taken over by a hacker.”

Don’t play the Internet of Things (IoT) drinking game at this year’s Web Summit. You’ll be on the floor before lunch. It’s the buzzword du jour much (...)

iOS 9 marks the first time Apple has invited the public to test a full release ahead of its general launch

Brace yourself: iOS 9 is coming. A few weeks remain before the final version of Apple’s software will be made available for general download, but w(...)

HitchBOT was  equipped with GPS, speech recognition and access to Wikipedia

“Sometimes bad things happen to good robots,” said HitchBOT, the travelling robot. This little robot has accepted his fate with stoicism but the socia(...)

Every time you use the  automatic checkout machine at the supermarket, you are essentially getting a flavour of how the future is going to look in a whole variety of industries. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A few weeks ago, a tragic accident occurred at a Volkswagen factory in Baunatal, Germany. A 21-year-old contractor was installing a robot when its arm(...)

Oh, you are awful! Yes, the Terminator sequence reaches its fifth episode with a film that aspires to the condition of The Dick Emery Show. Now rem(...)

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