Waterford Distillery founder Mark Reynier: “Almost all Irish whiskey comes from three distilleries, so while there may be over 100 labels on display at Dublin airport, most of it comes from the same few sources.”

The Irish whiskey sector generally likes to portray itself as one big happy family. There may be intense competition between the various players, but(...)

Ulster Bank has become the latest backer of BGF. Photograph:   Nick Bradshaw

A UK venture capital firm that set up an Irish unit late last year has said it is targeting its first equity investment in a SME within months, as Uls(...)

Waterford Distillery undertook its first distillation in December. It is aiming to distil 1 million litres of spirits this year, increasing this to 3 million litres within five years

A company led by the man behind the renaissance of the highly regarded Scottish whisky distillery Bruischladdich, spent just €7.2 million to acquire a(...)