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Skoda Superb.

While electric cars – that is, those driven along solely by their batteries – get all the publicity, it’s arguable that, for many of us, a plug-in hyb(...)

Close to 30,000 Irish car-buyers favoured the colour grey. More than 14,000 opted for a black vehicle, while almost 12,000 chose white

Consumers appeared to be less reluctant to buy cars in August than in previous months, with new registrations falling just 4.2 per cent to 4,875, acco(...)

The 2020 Porsche Taycan electric car/ Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

Porsche will press ahead with the launch of new electric models in the US despite sales in the country dropping by a fifth during the coronavirus cris(...)

The Peugeot e-208 provides a range of 370km from its 50kWh battery pack which is enough for the vast majority of Irish drivers to complete multiple daily commutes

My two previous encounters with the all-electric new Peugeot 208 left me flat. The first was last autumn during a week-long test event for European ca(...)

Dealers say there has been a noticeable pick up in used car sales  since showrooms reopened on May 18th. Photograph: iStock

New car sales fell 14.05 per cent in July, the first month of the new 202 registrations. It means sales are down just under 30 per cent for the year t(...)

The dividend cut is meant to conserve cash after VW burned through €2.3 billion in the second quarter, the period worst hit by the pandemic. Photograph: Getty Images

Volkswagen cut its proposed dividend after recording an €800 million loss in the first half of the year, when the coronavirus pandemic shuttered showr(...)

The data is taken from 131,000 active second-hand warranties. Photograph: iStock

With belts tightening and car-buying budgets being denuded as we lean into the oncoming recession, many car buyers will be switching their sights from(...)

The new car is billed as an SUV coupé, a format that has had mixed success in European markets, but has proved to be a hit in Asia

Audi has added to its electric car product offensive by unveiling a low-slung version of its upcoming Q4 E-tron electric crossover. Arriving in show(...)

Photograph: iStock

The decline in new car sales moderated in June, a typically quieter month as consumers anticipated the new registration period which began on Wednesda(...)

e-Tron: Audi’s big all-electric SUV isn’t cheap, but once you’re on board you see why. The cabin is beautifully built, and performance is impressive

The proposed programme for government states an intention to copper-fasten, with legislation, the proposal to ban sales of all petrol- and diesel-engi(...)

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