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The world’s largest cryptocurrency has been on a tear this month, propelled by purchases from Tesla and institutional investors who say Bitcoin is an attractive alternative to gold and the dollar.

Bitcoin gave up all its gains from weekend trading as analysts questioned whether the cryptocurrency is overheated. Prices dropped as much as 8.2 per(...)

The most-traded form of private money is frequently touted by enthusiasts as a safe haven asset, but its correlation with gold or US treasuries is poor. Photograph: iStock

Bitcoin appears to have decisively breached $10,000 (€9,163) for the first time since September, and now traders are setting their sights on the next (...)

Oasis is selling its “button coat” for £100 in the UK, or €128 in Ireland – a differential of 15.4 per cent.

Sterling continued to slide early Monday morning, as fears about the impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union gather pace; but does this mean (...)