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You’ll need to buy one of the new range of dashcams to use Nextbase’s Rear Window module

Nextbase Rear Window: €60 Dashcams are becoming a little more commonplace in Irish cars, but we have a long way to go before they are ubiquitous. How(...)

Nextbase Dashcam 512GW: Not the most complex thing to set up.

I am not entirely comfortable with dashcams. The idea that your every move is being recorded, in and outside the car, is a little unsettling. Welcome (...)

 “Dashcams offer a great way for drivers to get extra peace of mind when they are on the road and can be helpful resolve issues when liability is disputed,”  said Antoinette McDonald, customer experience director at AXA

Motor insurer Axa Ireland is offering motorists a 10 per cent discount if they fit dash cams to their cars. The company has teamed up with camera comp(...)

Box Portable Tablet Charger

1. Box Portable Tablet Charger Box is positioning its 6000mAh portable battery for use with tablets, which are often too power-hungry to be recharge(...)