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If ABB’s claims stand up to scrutiny, such high-speed charging points could be something of a game changer for EV use

Swiss electronics giant ABB has launched a new electric car charging point, which it claims can charge any electric vehicle (EV) on the market in as l(...)

The latest survey of Irish-driver attitudes by website Carzone found that 15 per cent of buyers are still holding back from buying an electric car because they worry there are not enough charging points. Photograph: iStock

In purely physical terms, the road network in Ireland probably won’t look too much different by 2030, although there will certainly be a few new roads(...)

While VW hasn’t announced Irish prices yet, based on German prices itwould probably pitch the car at €55,000-€60,000 in Ireland

This is the moment we’ve been waiting, steadily, ever since Volkswagen announced its all-electric destiny, for the sporty models - the GTIs with batte(...)

Eir and car charger installer EasyGo are to replace 180 public telephone booths with charging points.

Instead of pushing button B to talk, you’ll soon be plugging in to charge. Ireland’s national electric car charging network is set for a significant e(...)

The ESB is set to introduce pricing for its ultra-rapid 150kW electric car chargers, starting from December 1st

The ESB is set to introduce pricing for its ultra-rapid 150kW electric car chargers, starting from December 1st. That price, on an introductory offer(...)

What happens, though, to your local filling station when the great electric day dawns? Photograph: PA

It will take some time. Generally, it’s reckoned in the car world that, once a new technology is introduced, it needs about 20 to 30 years to become w(...)

VW is making a bold pitch with its new fully-electric ID.3: emobility for the masses, that means electric mobility for the millions, not only for the (...)

The cost of the Ford-Centrica home chargers has not yet been announced, but most home charging systems currently cost between €900 and €1,000, installed, but are eligible in most cases for a €600 grant. Photograph:  Reuters

Ford is winding up for a big push into the burgeoning electric vehicle market in the next two years, and it’s partnering with Bord Gáis to provide hom(...)

Overall, the Audi e-Tron crossover delivers proper premium flair in a family-sized car, but at a hefty price

Buying a new car these days is as much about the Dáil as the dealership. Politicians are now active players in the motor trade thanks to their grand p(...)

Volkswagen last year said it was transforming two of its German production sites into electric vehicle plants

Volkswagen is setting up its own charging and electricity unit, the latest measure to make the German manufacturer’s upcoming battery-car range more a(...)