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This sushi rice bowl with salmon is delicious with sautéed spinach or any stir-fried vegetables.

One of my aims this year was to increase our intake of fish. This coincided with another of my aims which was to stay indoors and shop only once a wee(...)

A delicious, fast meal: fish with chorizo and pesto

With summer weather comes lighter eating and for me that always means fish. It’s the ultimate fast food. If you don’t have regular access to a shop, t(...)

 Patrick Hanlon (left) and Russell James Alford

When did you last cry? Patrick: Probably the last time I cried was happy tears. Russell: You cry happy tears more than you cry sad tears. For me it(...)

Recruiters in London warned this week that the city is “haemorrhaging talent” as a result of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, with the (...)

Akureyri has a stunning setting in the basin of the Eyjafjörður fjord in the north of the island.

Reykjavík holds a tourism trump card, but Iceland’s capital is effectively buckling under its visitor weight. With whispers of future tourism caps, as(...)

Grapefruit: Moisty and fruity gluten-free cake ingredient, or throwback to 1970s hotel lunch menus?

Patrick Hanlon/Russell Alford: We absolutely love grapefruit, and feel it is misrepresented and under-loved. Segments cut into a salad give impressiv(...)