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Recruiters and managers are so faceist that the good-looking have been found to earn some 10 per cent more than the bad-looking. File photograph: Stockphoto/Getty

In 2016, Karen O’Reilly set up the recruitment company Employmum to “specialise in flexible, part-time, remote, flexihours and everything in between”.(...)

“We’ve seen a big shift in attitude to flexible working over the last three years, and it is fast becoming a bargaining tool.” Illustration: Getty Images

There’s a bit of nimbyism (not in my back yard) in Irish business when it comes to flexible working. Companies say they support the concept, but when (...)

Women often feel guilty about leaving the kids and  guilty about working ‘only’ part-time. Photograph: iStock
Part-time guilt, full-time stress
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  • September 28, 2018, 05:45

In two recent columns for The Irish Times, economist John FitzGerald made the case for increasing employment rates among women. Women provided an impo(...)

Organisations are losing a lot of experienced women in their 30s and 40s who might otherwise stay if their hours were more flexible. Photograph: Getty

When Karen O’Reilly returned to Ireland from France with her husband and two young children in 2013 her master plan was to get settled and find a job (...)