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Switch it up for savings in the new year. Photograph: Getty

How would you like to save €5,000 over the next 12 months? Sounds pretty good right? That was the carrot dangled in front of people by the price compa(...)

Eir’s earnings before storm costs rose 3 per cent to €387 million in the nine months to the end of March.

Telecommunications group Eir saw revenue fall 2 per cent to €955 million in the nine months to the end of March. The company, however, said earnings b(...)

Revenues for the company declined 2 per cent on both a quarterly and six monthly basis to €322 million and €638 million respectively

Eir, which stunned the Government by withdrawing from the State’s National Broadband Plan for rural internet on Wednesday, insists it outlined to depa(...)

Richard Moat, chief executive of Eir: “Our vision for our customers is a converged future.” Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Telecommunications company Eir, which on Thursday released strong interim results, has held talks with three ratings agencies as it tries to secure an(...)

Changes to the availability of the Eir Sport TV package will impact on the potential live viewership of the 2017 Allianz Leagues, with further implica(...)

Mickey O’Rourke, the Setanta founder who has stayed on as Eir Sport chief executive under the telco’s ownership, also announced the channel has acquired exclusive Irish rights for the 2019 rugby World Cup.

The exclusive Irish rights to the 2019 rugby world cup have been acquired by Eir Sports, the new name for Setanta Sports Ireland, which was acquired b(...)

The genesis for Setanta began in 1990 when Mickey O’Rourke and Leonard Ryan organised a showing of the Ireland-England match at the Italia ’90 World Cup in a London pub

After 23 years operating as the plucky underdog in the pay TV arena, Setanta Sports is about to accept the warm corporate embrace of Eir, Ireland’s bi(...)