Scriba: Architect David Craig came up with the idea for the stylus in 2014 when struggling to find a product that would enable him to make quick sketches on the go while on site.

There is a reason why companies usually steer clear of developing connected hardware. Not only is it often a prohibitively expensive project, but it i(...)

David Craig: Scriba is the first product to be created by Dublin Design Studio. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Designing a digital pen for use with tablets is a world away from designing buildings. However, for Dublin-based architect David Craig, the inspiratio(...)

Scriba: inventor David Craig claims that, because of its squeeze motion, it will completely change the way people interact with tablets

The Apple iPad may have been designed so you don’t need a stylus to operate it, but for those who use a tablet for more than just browsing websites or(...)