An American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX airplane takes off on a test flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas, Texas. Photograph:  Cooper Neill/AFP via Getty Images

Boeing forecasts that commercial aviation should be back to 2019 levels in two to three years, buoyed by a strong domestic recovery in China and parts(...)

Industry analysts are not ruling out the possibility of global aviation giants Airbus or Boeing making a bid for Bombardier Belfast. Photograph: Getty

A Chinese aviation group which owns a major Northern Ireland manufacturing company has emerged as a potential front runner to buy Bombardier Belfast. (...)

 Women making toys for export at a factory in Ganyu in China’s eastern Jiangsu province. The central government is working to shift China’s economic model away from over-reliance on exports and investment.  Photograph: AFP

Output from China’s factory gates combined with strong retail sales in May paint a sunny picture of the world’s second largest economy, but a cooling (...)

The ARJ-21 was cleared to fly in China at the end of 2014

China has been one of the biggest buyers of Airbus and Boeing aircraft for many years but, just like in the auto or smartphone industries, the priorit(...)

On some Chinese aircraft, you can hear a recorded Irish accent directing you to your seat on the aircraft, as companies such as Parc Aviation m(...)