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Clinique’s new collection – CliniqueFit – is the topic of much discussion in beauty circles. A collection of skincare and makeup products designed spe(...)

There isn’t one type of teenage skin any more than there is one type of skin at any age, but most teens will experience congestion, excess oiliness, b(...)

By far the least sexy and most neglected step in the average skincare routine, cleansing is also the step which  makes the most visible difference.

If there were a key to good skin, and in reality there are several, it would be cleansing. By far the least sexy and most neglected step in the averag(...)

To achieve that healthy glow with oily or congested skin, buying the correct skincare product will take a little research. File photograph: Getty Images

We treat oily skin with pathological unkindness, as though the breakout shine on foreheads, chins and noses can be bashed into submission with abrasiv(...)

Twice a year – autumn and spring – when temperatures indoors and out start to change, skin can turn rather mutinous. Treating sudden changes in moistu(...)

There is a lot to be said for preventing these problems from arising, with some protective skincare.
Beauty Report: protective skincare
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  • October 31, 2015, 00:00

We tend to think of skincare as an act of offense, generally choosing ingredients and products to tackle an issue; sending in the troops to fight d(...)

In Ireland, we don’t take acne seriously enough. It may not pose a danger to overall health, but dismissing it as an adolescent rite of passage ign(...)