The researchers wanted to find out how often home care workers have to put up with verbal abuse.

Home care health workers are frequently verbally abused by clients and their families, according to new research published online in the British Medic(...)

Fever Ray - real name Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson - performs live at Fabrique in Milano, Italy, last year. Photograph: Mairo Cinquetti / Getty Images

Strobe lighting at electronic dance music festivals may be linked to a tripling in the risk of epileptic fits in susceptible individuals, according to(...)

The researchers also assessed ankle function, pain, quality of life, ankle motion and x-ray results.

Wearing a cast or ankle support for three weeks is just as successful as the usual six weeks for healing ankle fractures, according to a study publish(...)

Drinking too much fluid can have serious consequences when sick. Photograph: Jose A Bernat Bacete/Getty Images

First up, a confession. I regularly dispense advice along the lines of “drink plenty of fluids”. If someone has a viral infection I invariably offer (...)

In an analysis of 16 studies involving more than 830,000 participants, researchers found the average risk of death from all causes was reduced by 5 per cent for each daily serving of fruit and vegetables.

Eating more than five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is probably of no greater health benefit, research published this morning suggests(...)