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Family wealth planning is important at any stage in life and taking an active approach early can positively impact your future financial health, according to Micheál O'Driscoll, MD of FDC Financial Services

Zurich’s latest pension research highlights the challenges people face when trying to save for their retirement, and their need for financial planning advice.

Some people are sandwiched in the middle of family lines, providing for both children and parents. What financial pressures do they face, and what are the advice needs of this sandwich generation?

In the first in our series of interviews with future-thinking innovators, Zurich talks to two designers to see how we will live in the future and how they plan to carve out new opportunities for their business

Employee wellbeing initiatives are a welcomed addition to the workplace says Zurich’s Rose Leonard, but a key component must be the inclusion of financial health programmes for staff

Life expectancy has been steadily increasing for decades and while this means that people are living longer, are we doing the sums now to ensure we can afford that long life in retirement, asks Kristen Foran?

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