1996 Irish Schools Squad: Where are they now


Barry Gibney: UCD, Commerce, 2nd year, Blackrock.

Simon Best: University of Newcastle, Agriculture, 1st year, Newcastle.

Peter Bracken: Building construction, Tullamore.

Timothy Cahill: UCC, Finance, 2nd year, UCC.

John Campbell: Bruce College, Repeat Leaving Cert, Terenure.

Robert Casey: UCD, Commerce, 2nd year, Blackrock.

Karl Coleman: UCD, Business & Legal, 1st year, Terenure.

Rory Collins: UCC, Arts, 1st year, UCC.

Leo Cullen: UCD, Arts, 2nd year, Blackrock.

Bryn Cunningham: Dublin University, Business and Economics, 2nd year, Bective Rangers.

Jonathan Davis: North Down Institute, Sport and Leisure management, 1st year, Dungannon.

Cormac Dowling: UCD, Sports Management, 1st year, Greystones.

John Fogarty: Waterford RTC, Recreational management, 1st year, Cork Constitution.

Kevin Hartigan: Limerick RTC, Building management, 1st year, Garryowen.

David Johnson: Dublin Business School, Business Studies, 1st year, Blackrock.

Thomas Keating: UCD, Science, 2nd year, Blackrock.

Stephen Kennedy: Brunel University, Sports and Business Studies, 2nd year, London Irish.

Stephen McConnell: Edinburgh University, Sports Science, 2nd year, Currie.

Ronan O'Donovan: UCC, Commerce, 1st year, UCC.

Brian O'Mahony: UCC, Finance, 1st year, UCC.

David Quinlan: UCD, Law, 2nd year, Blackrock.

Ciaran Scally: UCD, Commerce, 1st year, UCD.

Peter Smyth: UCD, Sports management, 1st year, Blackrock.

Peter Stringer: UCC, Science, 2nd year, UCC.

Eamon Travers: UCD, Business and Legal Studies, 1st year, UCD.

Richard Woods: Dublin University, Engineering, 2nd year, Blackrock.