The art of illumination: 'Lighting can completely change a space with the flick of a switch'

The second episode of the Škoda Made for Ireland mini-documentary series features Phil Galbraith's craft lighting studio in Wicklow, Coppergreen Design

Based in Blainroe, Co Wicklow, Phil Galbraith hand crafts bespoke lighting pieces using an array of materials, such as wood, concrete and copper.


This trip to Phil Galbraith’s Coppergreen Design lighting studio in Wicklow is the second in Škoda’s Made for Ireland mini-documentary series, which aims to celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of artisans, artists and makers throughout Ireland.

The Škoda brand is synonymous with simply clever design and with this series, they are travelling the length and breadth of the country seeking out the most interesting, exciting and skilled craftspeople in Ireland today, in celebration of the wealth of talent working in design and manufacturing across the island.

Phil Galbraith is one of the most unique and acclaimed craftsmen in Ireland, with a host of high-profile organisations commissioning unique lighting pieces from him, including the National Gallery of Ireland, the Irish Design Shop and the Glucksman Gallery in University College Cork.

Working only with light and raw materials, Phil produces one-off bespoke light pieces from his Coppergreen Design workshop, for both practical use, and as standalone works of art, using state-of-the art technology to bring his concepts to life.

World class innovative technology is key to Škoda’s lighting design process also, in terms of integrating LED lighting throughout their cars, including full LED headlamps and fog lamps. Škoda’s lighting design is inspired by the crystalline design found in Czech cubism and throughout the country’s glass-making tradition.

In this video we see where Phil Galbraith draws inspiration from as he takes us through his lighting design process from initial concept to finished product, with rapid advancements to technology meaning he can now integrate modern lighting, such as LED lights, into raw materials like wood, something which was impossible just five years ago.

For more information about Škoda, visit www.skoda.ie