Redefining luxury travel

Uncovering new territory in Ireland’s luxury travel market


The experiences that make a trip of a lifetime are almost impossible to define. In a world that is increasingly modular, they are conjured from moments of solitude, exclusivity and service.

Accessing incredible destinations is only one layer of a new global luxury travel experience. Married with it is a quality of service, attention to detail and one-on-one travel management that is redefining what luxury travel can mean. In Ireland the leaders are OROKO, the only dedicated luxury travel specialist.

The OROKO team: Nicola Cox, Brendan Breen, Bob Haugh and Clive Kilmurray
The OROKO team: Nicola Cox, Brendan Breen, Bob Haugh and Clive Kilmurray

The brainchild of Bob Haugh, the founder of Travel Department and co-founder of Click&Go.com, and the former managing director of Travel Department, Brendan Breen, OROKO has been established to give the Irish holiday market a blue-chip brand that offers travel experiences that cannot be bought from any other company in Ireland.

They head up one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Nicola Cox has held lead positions in the travel industry in Ireland, the UK and Australia while Clive Kilmurray’s career in corporate finance has brought him to New York, Paris, London and Seoul. Ruth Kavanagh’s background in marketing is deeply rooted in the luxury, lifestyle, food and travel industry.

Building on decades of success, the team has been created to unravel the complexity of luxury international travel and reinterpret it for families, couples and singles seeking an entirely new travel experience.

A concierge service
“We offer clients a concierge service and hugely experienced travel executives who know how to listen to clients to understand what kind of travel experience they’re seeking,” says Brendan Breen, OROKO’s managing director.

The experiences available are endless. OROKO construct itineraries that are intensely personal: after-dark snorkelling on private islands, sharing tea with African tribes, and luxurious once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences deep in nature.

“While there is a huge demand for experiential travel, we have also identified a growing trend among luxury travellers seeking private residences with all the qualities of a great hotel,” Breen explains. OROKO source exclusive properties worldwide to suit the specific tastes of their clients.

The Bird’s Nest villa at Keemala Hotel, Phuket
The Bird’s Nest villa at Keemala Hotel, Phuket

Experts in the art of travel
The company’s motto is Out of the Ordinary and their team work hard to ensure that every aspect of your travel experience is exactly that.

“Many of the experiences that OROKO offer are only available through trusted overseas partners that work exclusively with us,” Breen says. “We go directly to the source to ensure you get the best value.”

Coupled with OROKO’s guarantee that no two trips will ever be the same, the OROKO team are challenged to create bespoke trips every time.

OROKO take real pride in creating itineraries that bring families and friends together to share magical experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

Collectively the team have travelled to every corner of the world, and continue to do so – from the walking paths of the Amalfi coast to the ancient temples of Cambodia, and from the winelands of South Africa to the Pacific surf beaches of Costa Rica.

A poolside villa in the Maldives
A poolside villa in the Maldives

The finer detail
Based on a private consultation, OROKO craft every element of your journey, block by block. They understand that it is the little things that make the difference. OROKO deliver holidays with the precision to match the importance customers place on their time away and even remain available to assist while you’re on holiday.

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra. Give OROKO the opportunity and they would love to create that for you.

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