CX Awards to recognise fastest growing global business discipline

The CX Impact Awards will take place on November 21st, 2018, at The Clayton Hotel, Dublin, to honour customer experience excellence in Ireland


Left to right: National Concert Hall head of marketing and communications Rosita Wolfe, Paddy Power director of customer experience, Patricia Kane, Axa Insurance Ireland customer experience manager Joanne Boyle, and Amárach Research chairman Gerard O’Neill.

The awards, organised by Business River, are supported by the CX Company who are acting as patrons to the programme.
Michael Killeen, CEO of the CX Company says: “When we were approached to support the CX Impact Awards as patron we were keen to find out more about the underlying philosophy of the programme: the categories, criteria, and judging systems. We found that Business River were open to our ideas and suggestions and I believe through our collaboration, that we now have a range of categories that reflect the totality of CX practice in Ireland and a simple clear criteria that lends itself to a transparent judging system”.
As patron to the awards, the CX Company will co-ordinate the judging of the awards through an independent panel of experts.
According to Killeen, the purpose of the Customer Experience Impact Awards is to: “measure and celebrate CX excellence in this country, and will be judged by leading international and domestic CX practitioners. The awards are unique in celebrating intercompany department success that focuses on consumer wins, rather than single department success.” 
The awards are open to businesses of all sizes and are particularly important given the significance of CX to all companies, says judge and head of marketing and communications with the National Concert Hall, Rosita Wolfe. “It is a great way of growing CX as a topic and putting it on companies’ agenda. Customers are changing cultures and changing tastes. You have people who are smarter, better informed and more critical about what they are buying into. If you don’t get that right, you are going to get crucified. There is little point in investing a lot of money in big marketing campaigns if you don’t have the basics right. For a lot of companies, and especially in the last two or three years, CX has become the new marketing. For a long time, there was talk that content was the new marketing, but I think that CX without doubt should be, if it’s not already, on a marketer’s agenda for their year ahead”.
Patricia Kane, judge, and director of customer experience with Paddy Power views the awards as an opportunity to improve CX standards across the board. “I think it is important to recognise and acknowledge the good work that is being done. If I start seeing that other brands are getting there, I’ll want to learn and implement a version of the same thing in my business. It pushes everyone to be better and to think about their customers”.
Judge and customer experience manager with Axa Insurance Ireland, Joanne Boyle says that the awards are open to “any company who is interested in their customers, and that should be everybody. They are open to companies who want to get it right for their customers; companies that acknowledge that they’ve got things to improve on but can take things one at a time and do it really well. It gives companies the opportunity to showcase their hard work and be recognised for excellence”. 
Gerard O’Neill, chairman, Amárach Research, who will also judge the awards says: “Entrants will have their work examined by leading industry experts. How they fare in the awards will give them a clear picture of where they sit in an Irish context of CX excellence. Whether you win or lose, you really need to be in the mix to know if you’re heading in the right direction”. 
The categories for the awards include:
B2C categories – CX Impact in:
Department Store/Fashion/Clothing
Entertainment and Leisure 
Travel and Tourism
Financial Services (Banks, life, insurance, brokers, estate agents)
Government and Public Sector
B2B categories - CX Impact in:
Travel and Hospitality
Financial Services
Professional Services 
Business IT and Technology
Operational Awards
Best use of data analytics in CX
CX Team of the year
Outstanding contribution to CX
Grand Prix award – CX Champion, 2018
The CX Impact Awards will take place on November 21st at The Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road. For more information visit the website. Call 01 4070595 to talk to the CX Impact Awards team.