Gina Prince-Bythewood, centre, with KiKi Layne and Charlize Theron on the set of The Old Guard. Photograph: Aimee Spinks/Netflix

The director of The Old Guard on getting films made as a black woman in Hollywood

Pierce Brosnan. Photograph: Francois G Durand/Getty

The Irish actor on ‘growing a beard, going grey, and playing Gerry Adams or Will Farrell’s dad’

Lin-Manuel Miranda leads the cast of Hamilton

Hamilton, Lynn + Lucy, The Booksellers, Inheritance

Review: The cast are terrific, Roxanne Scrimshaw and Nichola Burley positively transfixing

It’s impossible to recreate the electricity of a live performance but with a musical as beloved as Hamilton, one can hear the audience swoon

Review: The cultural event of this troubled season – it might even break the internet

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton in the New York stage production. Photograph: Sara Krulwich/New York Times

Film of the musical comes to Disney+ on July 3rd - but what is all the fuss about?

Will Ferrell  and Rachel McAdams in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Photograph: John Wilson/Netflix

Review: Pierce Brosnan has not arched his eyebrows this much in years

Maxine Peake and Freddie Fox in Fanny Lye Deliver’d

Review: Thomas Clay’s latest film is a home invasion horror with a Cromwellian twist

Charles Dance: in 2016 he and other working-class actors voiced concerns about the lack of opportunities for state-school-educated actors. Photograph: Jeff Spicer/Getty

The actor’s new film, Fanny Lye Deliver’d, is set during the turmoil of the English revolution

On the Record follows Drew Dixon as she makes the decision to go to the New York Times with sexual misconduct allegations against Def Jam’s Russell Simmons. Photograph: Sundance Film Festiva

A new film looking at allegations of sexual abuse at Def Jam records

The young age of the star leaves the viewer to ponder grown men taking military orders from a child talking to a cloud

Review: This is not so much a Joan of Arc movie as an anti-Joan of Arc movie

It’s just another night in the cockpit for co-pilot Tobias Ellis (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Review: This clever feature marks a welcome return for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Lise Leplat Prudhomme in Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, 7500, The Day After I’m Gone/Hayom Sheachrey Lechti, Resistance

Foreground photograph: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty

Is Jamie Dornan better than Donal McCann? Ruth Negga superior to Brenda Fricker?

This Vietnam War inspired drama concerns a tontine, that is, an unlikely stash of gold discovered by the five young soldiers of the title.

Review: Director, nonetheless, manages to mine a compelling parallel political narrative

Virus Tropical is a breezy, heartfelt coming-of-age tale set in middle-class Ecuador and Colombia. Photograph: timboe studio

Review: Power Paola’s latest offering is a breezy, heartfelt coming-of-age tale

Judd Apatow: ‘I still just look at it from the point of view of a fan.’ Photograph: Magdalena Wosinska/New York Times

Comedy’s fairy godfather goes serious for his new film, The King of Staten Island

Kenneth Branagh

The Belfast-born director has, at last, put Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl on the screen

Deragh Campbell as Audrey in MS Slavic 7

Co-directors examine decades of letters between Polish refugees revealing ‘fantasy of love’

Timothée Chalamet can’t find a way into lines that should only exist in the mouth of a sexagenarian character in  Woody Allen’s film. Photograph: Jessica Miglio/Perdido Productions

Woody Allen’s latest is dated and slipshod with flimsy one-liners and story

Lola Petticrew and Fionn O’Shea in Dating Amber

Dating Amber, A Rainy Day in New York, Miss Slavic 7, Echo in the Canyon

Sierra McCormick in The Vast of Night

Review: Multiple prize winner wears its TV influences on its sleeve but is altogether fresh

Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross in High Note

Review: Music snob Dakota Johnson strikes up a friendship with a washed-up superstar

Sierra McCormick in The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night, Mike Wallace Is Here, Only the Animals, and The High Note

Antonia Campbell-Hughes. Photograph: Roberto Ricciuti/Getty

The actor returns to Donegal to get behind the camera for the first but not the last time

Kelvin Harrison Jr  at Hotel Le Germain in Toronto, Canada. File photograph: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for AT&T

Kelvin Harrison Jr on the excitement of working on a movie about strong women

Sara Luna Zoric and Lazar Dragojevic in Take Me Somewhere Nice

Review: A Dutch-raised teen returns to Bosnia for an eventful and surreal adventure

Arndís Hrönn Egilsdóttir

Review: There’s an uncomfortable Randian dimension to the gritty protagonist

Pedro Costa is best known for films set in a dreamlike universe inspired by the Fontainhas, a now-demolished shantytown on the outskirts of Lisbon. Photograph: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

The Portuguese director on finding the story for his award-winning film Vitalina Varela

Vitalina Varela acts as the titular character in Pedro Costa’s latest film.

Review: Nobody makes cinema quite like Pedro Costa. This is a movie to wash over you

Marie Losier’s film follows Saúl Armendáriz as he tours Europe.

Review: Marie Losier’s one-woman crew follows gay luchador Saúl Armendáriz

Eliza Hittman: “I knew when I was writing that I just wanted to avoid that scene we’ve seen 100 times: ‘I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do!’” Photograph: Thomas Niedermueller/Getty

Never Rarely Sometimes Always avoids the cuddly approach to reproductive issues

Christian Bale in American Psycho

From Goodfellas to Gone Girl, gripping films to watch on Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV

How to make the beautiful game more beautiful (and safer). Why not   an octagonal pitch and each team split into two parts – attackers and defenders – with each confined to their own half?

Film review: We are shown a complicated knot of regrets, ambitions, contrariness and personal philosophy

Elizabeth Sankey tracks romcoms from the 1930s when the genre was dominated by immigrant directors and sassy dames.

Review: Writer-director Elizabeth Sankey delivers note-perfect riffs on rom-com genre

Corneliu Porumboiu: ‘I came to the cinema quite late. I was 19 years old and I was studying management in Bucharest before I started going to the cinema. And then I saw La Dolce Vita.’  Photograph: Getty

The Romanian director’s thriller The Whistlers was inspired by a unique language

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in Woman of the Year

Netflix, Google and Apple have some of the headiest screen rom-coms of all time

Great Irish movies: Eamonn Owens as Francie Brady in The Butcher Boy, directed by Neil Jordan

Donald Clarke and Tara Brady's definitive list has more than a few surprises

Actor and director Gael García Bernal. Photograph: Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty

The Mexican actor’s daring, brilliant new film, Ema, offers a different concept of family

Mariana Di Girolamo shines as the titular character in Pablo Larraín’s Ema.

Film review: Pablo Larraín’s incendiary tale of grief and healing moves to its own rhythm

Review: A gripping recreation of the intimidation that allows for sexual abuse

In The Assistant  there is a pervasive sense of dread as Julia Garner’s Jane, a new employee working for a bullying boss, quietly suffers through another intimidating day at the office

The Assistant has the audience stuck in the young woman’s shoes for the whole film

The Young Offenders

From The Young Offenders and Adam & Paul to The Lobster, Hunger and Barry Lyndon

Kai Luke Brummer is conscripted for two years of national service in Moffie

Review: This film makes the training section of Full Metal Jacket seem less stressful

Extraction: Chris Hemsworth and a bad guy

Review: The stunts and fights form a pleasing flow in an adaptation of graphic novel Ciudad

Dougray Scott and Connie Nielsen in Sea Fever, written and directed by Neasa Hardiman. Photograph: Gunpowder & Sky

The actor on her salty turn in Neasa Hardiman’s contagion-themed debut feature


From Step Brothers and Clueless to Monty Python’s Life of Brian and When Harry Met Sally

Selah (Lovie Simone) runs the Spades, suppliers of drug and alcohol across the campus, with an iron hand.

Review: The best high school movie since Heathers

Le Corbeau (1943) starring Pierre Fresnay. Photograph: Collection Christophel © Continental Films

First released in 1943, this film is streaming as part of Mubi’s excellent Henri-Georges Clouzot season

Oliver Hermanus’s new film shows the brutality of army life for white men defending the regime

Martin Margiela: When other designers were using supermodels and embracing stardom, he  was visiting thrift shops and making coats from wigs and duvets.

Reclusive, brilliant Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela is portrayed in a documentary


From Pixar’s perfect Up and Wall-E, to the atmospheric Coraline and classic Wizard of Oz

Jackie Chan in The Iron Mask

Review: The plot is head-spinning but the fight scenes and monsters are fun

Trolls: World Tour is the first studio franchise movie to go straight to streaming.

There’s not much that resembles a movie in this sequel to the toe-tapping mega-hit

La Dolce Vita: Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni  in a scene from Federico Fellini’s 1960 film available on Curzon Home Cinema.

Art house classics rub shoulders with Palme d’Or winners and critically acclaimed works

All the President’s Men

From Vertigo to Uncut Gems, edge-of-seat films to watch on Netflix, YouTube and elsewhere

Russell Brand, Ellie-Mae Siame, Ashley Aufderheide and Billy Jenkins in Four Kids and It. Photograph: 13 Films

Review: Jacqueline Wilson’s novel survives the transition to the big screen with charm

Ben Schwartz and Billy Crystal in Standing Up, Falling Down. Photograph: Noah M. Rosenthal/Tilted Windmill

Review: Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz make a terrific double act in this funny, poignant film

Taraji P Henson, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, and Ed Helms in Coffee & Kareem. Photograph: Justina Mintz/Netflix

Review: In its favour, this broad comedy makes absolutely no concession to good taste

Ferenc Legyel as Michael Curtiz in Curtiz, a film by Tamas Yvan Topolánszky recreating the drama behind the making of Casablanca.

A new Netflix film focuses on how the egotistical Hungarian-born director brought the 1942 classic together

Helena Zengel in System Crasher

A wildly impressive film powered by a strong cast, great chemistry and fierce energy

Krista Kosonen in Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

Review: BDSM film that’s far better than those dreary Fifty Shades pictures

Disney’s latest (almost) live-action reboot has commendably cast two rescue dogs in the title roles.

Review: Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux are endearing in the title roles

Based on the 2000 YA novel, this is an innocent, harmless confection on Disney+

Udo Kier in The Painted Bird (2019): In late 1944 when the Cologne hospital where he was born was bombed, he and his mother had to be dug out of the rubble.

The world's ‘most beautiful man’ on Fassbinder, von Trier, accidental career and his latest, shocking film

Aladdin: the late Howard Ashman plays a showstopping Prince Ali.

There are plenty of adventures and singalongs on the latest streaming service

Review: Haley Bennett is pitch-perfect as a bored wife with an extreme eating disorder

Review: No film will flunk the Bechdel Test quite as spectacularly this month

 Marjane Satrapi: “I’m a 20th-century woman: I smoke; I’m not on social media; I eat everything.” Photograph: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

The Persepolis writer and director on growing up rebellious in Iran, and her new film Radioactive about Marie Curie

Gugu Mbatha-Raw: ‘It’s great having women in front of the camera... but I love that they are behind the camera as well’

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s role in Misbehaviour, about the 1970 Miss World pageant, plays to her strengths

Liberating: Keira Knightley and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Misbehaviour

New this weekend: Misbehaviour, The Hunt, Bacurau, Calm with Horses, And Then We Danced

Keira Knightley and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Misbehaviour. Photograph:  Pathe

Review: The true story of the 1970 Miss World contest is mortifying viewing

Dave Bautista in My Spy

Ex-wrestler Dave Bautista follows Dwayne Johnson out of the ring and into our hearts

This Brazilian political allegory is powered by spitting fury and grindhouse tricks

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

New this weekend: Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am, Sulphur and White

Toni Morrison

Review: Appealing documentary of the Nobel Prize-winning author has fascinating details

Ian Lightfoot, foreground, is voiced by Tom Holland

Review: Dan Scanlon’s film is an improvement on his pointless Monsters University

French film-maker Sarah Maldoror in Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema. 2018. Great Britain. Directed by Mark Cousins. Photograph courtesy of Cohen Media

Writer, actor and activist John Connors has two directorial efforts in the festival

Director Richard Stanley: ‘The word unfilmable is like a red rag to a bull for me.’ Photograph: RLJE Films

The cult director on tackling the ‘unfilmable’ work of HP Lovecraft and ‘mad’ Nicolas Cage

Madeleine Arthur in the Colour Out of Space

Review: This is the fifth film adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s short story

Tim Robbins   and Mark Ruffalo  Dark Waters. Photograph: Mary Cybulski/Focus Features

Review: This is the kind of issue-driven cinema that used to win Oscars

Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel in Portrait of a Lady on Fire.  Photograph: Lilies Films

Review: The film touches on 18th century abortion, drug-taking and all-girl parties

George MacKay: ‘I think the real joy of the job is going to do the research, to explore yourself and explore things outside of yourself that you probably wouldn’t even know to look for.’

After his turn in 1917, the actor is tackling the role of iconic Australian outlaw Ned Kelly

Frozen two: Harrison Ford and Buck in The Call of the Wild

New this weekend: The Call of the Wild, Little Joe, Midnight Traveler, Greed

Poignant  moments for a family on the run: Hassan Fazili and his wife, Fatima Hussaini, and their two daughters, Nargis and Zahra

This film was shot on three Samsung mobile phones over three years

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne in Like a Boss

Review: Billy Porter provides the sole laugh in Miguel Arteta’s film

Todd Haynes: I love great, dark, brooding whistleblower movies. Photograph: Stephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images

The auteur on his love of whistleblower films and the legacy of New Queer Cinema

Harrison Ford in The Call of the Wild

Review: This is exactly the kind of big-hearted entertainment that was once Disney’s stock in trade

Jessica Hausner: Her new film Little Joe has picked up multiple prizes at the Austrian Film Awards

Austrian auteur Jessica Hausner on her fifth feature, Little Joe, which she describes as a crossover between sci-fi and arthouse

Ciaran Cassidy’s film reveals a strange online conspiracy that converged on Waterford

The all-American jihadist: Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane

New this weekend: Jihad Jane, Talking About Trees, The Lost Boys

Talking About Trees

Review: Four film directors try to reopen a cinema under the shadow of a dictatorship

Jihad Jane: a head-spinning story

Review: Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, makes for great company in fascinating documentary

Vintage cheese: Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander  in the The Lost Boys

Review: Back on the big screen after 33 years, Joel Schumacher's teen vampire movie still stirs the blood

Definitely not on Instagram: Mia Goth. Photograph: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty for Vanity Fair

The actor on staying in character and why starring in Emma is a rite of passage

Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant in Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Photograph: Curzon Artificial Eye

Maker of Tomboy and Girlhood on being a woman in cinema and her ‘heartbreaking’ new film

Danger down under: Cho Yeo Jeong in Parasite

New this weekend: Parasite, Honeyland, Daniel Isn’t Real

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