The old dear pulls the trigger and there’s a dull crack.

“Ross, I’m in a terrible funk,” the old dear goes. “I can’t pull myself out.” I feel instantly bad

Illustration: Alan Clarke

No booze, swearing or sweets – Sorcha has new year’s resolutions for all the family

‘There will be 19 Sanitation Stations at various locations within the house and they are morked on your map with a red hand-sanitiser icon’

Sorcha is determined to stage a Christmas Day gathering that complies with safety guidelines

Illustration: Alan Clarke

Ronan is making a mint from black market Mass tickets until three wise men arrive

All of a sudden I’ve got a woman asking me if I find food intolerances funny

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘Storting Christmas early could be good for our mental health’

‘I just want him to see what people from Dalkey are really like’

‘It’s like The West Wing when Jed Bortlet had to step down and John Goodman became president’

Illustration: Alan Clarke

I’m not 100% keen on Honor driving, mainly cos she’s 14, and has no licence or insurance

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly: ‘Oh my God,’ she goes, ‘your wife is being so passive-aggressive’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘As Sorcha said, I shouldn’t have been throwing the old Gilbert around at her Ulysses fancy dress porty’

‘So why the fock are you buying presents if Santa focking brings them?’

I throw back the duvet, hop out of bed and step into my chinos, all in one fluid movement

Sounds like Sorcha’s old dear is driving the old man cuckoo in their Brittas Bay love nest

Ross and Sorcha. Illustration Alan Clarke

‘Talking to strangers on the doorstep is dangerous. Who knows what I might catch?’

It storted with the shooting-of-the-s**t that goes with a doorstep package handover

Three studenty types refuse to vacate a holiday home for Sorcha's old dear and my old man

Illustration: Alan Clarke

Ross O’Carroll Kelly: The old pair are a bad influence on Honor so the plan was to move them out

It’s too much for Honor. She’s like a volcano about to blow.

It looks like she’s a cranky drunk – in that way, she does take after her grandmother

There are landmork moments in our children’s lives. First day of school. First time you hold their hair back so they can vomit a n(...)

‘Stop, I’m going to spew all over this hordwood floor.’

‘Your dad is the leader of a political porty that believes women should have to re-sit their driving test every six months’

I put the key in the door, then into the house I go. I drop the cases in the hallway, then I tip down to the kitchen with the intention of grabbing a beer

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly: ‘I suspected there was something going on. I have a sixth sense for this’

“Why don’t we just accept the dude’s offer of a Gorda escort back to Farranfore?”

The sensible thing to do is to accept defeat early and try to get back on the road before the traffic gets bad

Honor: ‘I’m talking about Kerry. It’s always, like, raining and it gets dork at, like, midday?’ Illustration: Alan Clarke

The Dingle restaurant owner thinks Ross’s family are from the US – and things get ugly

‘This year we’re doing the whole, like, Wild Atlantic Way thing?’ Illustration: Alan Clarke

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘Quinta do Farranfore? I’ve never heard of it’

‘All these people  on social media talking about  the Blasket Islands or  the Aillwee Cave . . ?’ ‘Yes, they’re all in Quinta do Lago’

Posting a Fáilte Ireland pic on Instagram doesn’t mean you’re actually on a staycation

Ronan puts a caller on hold to answer another one of his phones. ‘Mass tickets,’ he goes. ‘Buying or selling?’

It seems young Ronan is doing a line in black morket tickets for Masses and church services

‘There’s, like, ten or fifteen people just staring at us with their mouths wide open. It’s a look I remember well from my rugby days’

Time to put Christian in his place – after all, it’s what best friends are for

‘There’s, like, ten or fifteen people just staring at us with their mouths wide open. It’s a look I remember well from my rugby days’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Honor plots revenge for Ross after his rugby chat gets hijacked

‘God forgive me for saying this, but they’re not nice kids’

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly: I’m not sure we’re the kind of family who likes fun

Being too nice for his own basic good, Ross says: ‘Fine, you can tell her it was me.’

Honor restorts the economy while Sorcha’s Zoom call proves fatal to Ro’s alibi

‘I have a definite way with the Lalor ladies.’

Despite Sorcha’s warning, Ross may have just made a bad situation worse

I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ, he’s taken it with him – to Killiney!’

Rueful Ross realises the old man may have amorous notions when he spots that missing Greg Norman hat

‘Sorcha’s old man tuts. He has a habit of doing that whenever I speak.’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘If my orms stretched two metres, I would deck you for that’

‘I’m there, ‘Honor, do you genuinely believe I’m capable of scraping a pass?’ ’

The Rossmeister prepares for a third crack at the exams with Honor’s home-schooling

'Why do you have to shout? I told you before, if you want me for something, just text me the details and I’ll decide if it’s important enough for me to come downstairs.'

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Welcome to the horsh realities of the free morket, Honor goes

‘Even during the lockdown, we should at least try to look our best?’ Illustration: Alan Clarke

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: After weeks in lockdown Sorcha’s roots are showing

‘There’s nothing wrong with the computer. It’s, like, a language barrier issue?’ Illustration: Alan Clarke

Sorcha is working on her best self and getting the old man and old dear talking again

The Easter egg hunt was pure focking terrifying. The three of them went through the gorden like shorks scenting chump.

My Leinster training top is a bit snugger than usual. I may have gone too hord on the chocolate

The need to pretend you’re a healthy family is even greater when you shop online

This lockdown is storting to seriously affect me. What has happened to the world?

‘What are you up to, you gin-crazed, blubber-filled phoney.’ Illustration: Alan Clarke

Ross O’Carroll Kelly: Phoning ‘Mom’ is a sure sign Covid-19 crisis brings out the best in people

Honor: ‘What the fock could you possibly teach me?’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘Home-schooling? Me? But I’m a complete focking dunderhead’

Whenever I stort to feel anxious about the future of the world, I always find it helps to remember the words of the late, great Fr Denis Fehily

For five days, I’ve been stuck in the house, thinking ‘God, my family are annoying'

The old dear goes, 'Ben is in futures, Ross. Explain to him what it is you do, Ben.' Illustration: Alan Clarke

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly: The old dear is catfishing dudes on Tinder by pretending to be only 58

‘I open the front door and the old man is standing on the doorstep with a grin like a xylophone’

The old dear was planning to propose to him on Saturday night

She attempts to smile, but with all the work she’s had done, she looks like she’s trying to squeeze out a silent fart at a funeral

The old dear is up in arms because the house is being considered for a preservation order

''Focking p***k with ears,' Johnny goes – seriously, they’re like sponges at that age.'

The triplets tear apart an oil painting of their smiling grandad and make a delightful discovery

Illustration: Alan Clarke

Who wouldn’t spend too much at a charity auction for a horrible portrait?

Seriously, to be a Mount Anville mom, you’d want the stamina of a focking camel

Sorcha will do literally anything to get Honor into the right Irish college

The old man is ordering a statue of Fr Fehily – with Panzer tanks and hippos, of course

‘Denis’s religion was rugby!’ the old man goes. ‘Why isn’t he holding one of his beloved Gilberts?’

The old man has spent some of his hord (slash, crookedly) earned money on a statue of the late, great Fr Fehily

Sorcha steps out of the kitchen, all smiles. She’s like, ‘Hi, Dad – oh my God, you brought the shovel!’

‘He hasn’t come to kill you, Ross. He’s come to dig up the time capsule we buried in the gorden’

I’m looking at Ronan and the old man. It’s difficult to tell the two of them aport. A gangster and a gangster in the making

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Ronan admits he threw the race at Leopardstown on Stephen Zuzz Day

I suddenly heard the old man calling me. He was going, ‘Kicker! Kicker! Over here!’ and I spotted him and Hennessy, dressed up like a pair of tools in their matching camel hair coats and hats.

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly: Everyone keeps asking what happened to Hoss O'Carroll-Kelly at Leopardstown?

I love playing Santa Claus. The adulation brings me back to my schools’ rugby days

Sorcha goes, ‘I’ve been sounded out about the possibility of standing for President in 2021. I don’t want my chances ruined by you groaning your way through Silent Night’.

The Rossmeister gets into the spirit of the season with a spot of Grafton Street carolling

I’m like, ‘What the fock, Ro?’ because I’m suddenly thinking about the 20Ks I’ve just lost

‘Brian and Leo are crying their eyes out while calling their brother every F word, B word and C word under the sun.’

A surprise trip to take the kids to see Santa Claus does not go according to plan

‘Boisterous? They’ve mouths on them like rappers. What if one of them drops a fock-bomb live on air?’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Sorcha’s Toy Show dream quickly comes to an end when Ryan Tubridy meets the boys on set

“I’m looking at the goys and we’re all thinking the exact same thing. We’ve been stitched up here in a major way.”

It's decided: our tempermental racehorse is going to be called Hoss O’Carroll-Kelly

Yeah, no, I bought a racehorse, but it’s not for Honor – it’s for my old school’s honour

All the posh schools have a horseracing syndicate. Why not Castlerock College?

‘Oh my God... have you been letting them watch The Wire again?’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: A trip to Center Porcs leads to an encounter with one of Sorcha’s frenemies

I manage to block out the judgy looks I get from the other moms and dads using the some of psychological techniques I learned during my days as a kicker. Then, Jenny Turley asks me if she can have a word...

There’s barely a day goes by when I don’t think, ‘God, what I wouldn’t do for a condom and a time machine.’ But that’s parenting

Charles goes, 'this Saturday’s match against the world famous All Blacks is, I think, an opportune moment to correct, once and forever, a grave, historical, sporting injustice'.

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: What the fock? Did the old man pay someone to fake a video?

‘The airport? I don’t know where you get your ideas from!’

The Rossmeister is struck with a sudden case of FOMO with just one phone call

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Being fired as godfather is making him teary – so is the breakfast beer

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Sorcha's was served on a VHS copy of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

‘No,’ the old man goes, ‘what you watched was a carefully edited and cleverly cut version of the match’

‘According to Fionn, it makes me guilty of a thing called “cultural appropriation’’’

‘This vlog has nothing to do with fashion, Ross. This is a political vlog’

First my son sets the old man up with a gun, then my daughter sets him up with a vlog

Baxter’s rightful owner has shown up, and Honor’s not giving him up without a dogfight

‘Well, Chorles, what are you going to do about it? You’re not going to just stand by and let them refuse to take your money, are you?’

A letter from Munster Rugby leaves the old man pacing the floor

Illustration: Alan Clarke

An exclusive extract from his new book ... Ross has taken on his toughest job yet

‘I’ve just heard Ronan coaching someone in how to defraud some poor, unfortunate insurance company’

Ross doesn’t like what he sees when he visits Ronan at work for some lunchtime pints

‘I bought him a rugby ball and he looked at it like it was roadkill’

The dog is for the chop until Ross channels his inner rugby captain

‘I’m going to accidentally on purpose knock his béarnaise off the table on to the ground,’ says Honor.

Christian is horrified to find his Wagyu steak looks tougher than Billy Vunipola

‘What noise? Oh my God, you’re hearing things’

A dickhead of a smoke alorm ruins Ross’s night and leads him to a surprising discovery

‘When God was giving out brains, you were in the queue for testicles!’

Ro learns how to handle found goods, from the master, Hennessy

Ro goes, ‘Rosser, are you tedding me you’ve nebber changed a tyre before?’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: The old man got more than he bargained for when he bought a Lambo at a Cab auction

“I’ve got the three little goys lined up, each one standing a little bit in front of the next – we’re talking Brian, then Johnny, then Leo – and I’m showing them how to basically pass the ball.”

I have to remember to treat them all equally, even though one of them is clearly never going to play rugby

“I didn’t think Honor was into that whole save the world thing. I’m remembering all her school friends going into town for the Strike for Climate Change day. She went shopping.”

My daughter had previously told me that being seen to care is a sign of weakness

Honor shrugs. ‘I’m a focking better driver than you’

‘Do you know how embarrassing it is to live in Killiney and have to drive stick shift?’

I end up carrying Leo in to the ophthamologist – even though there’s fock-all wrong with his legs

She walks into the kitchen and storts looking at Leo in a suddenly strange way

The Lambo my old man gifted Ro for finishing his degree is having a strange effect on him

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘Because, Sorcha, if being a member of the south Dublin middle class has taught me one thing, it’s that you don’t apologise for anything – ever.’

Rosston College has an eventful first day with the triplets out of Montessori

Leo sticks his head around the door of the office, fixes poor Jill with a look and goes, ‘You know who you’re a ringer for? Olivia Culpo!’

Called into the principal’s office, Ross discovers his son has a crush on the classroom assistant

Honor: “What the fock is going on? Who were you talking to?” Illustration: Alan Clarke

Honor is at a birthday party – what usually follows is a solicitor’s letter

“You’re all forgetting something. I’m probably going to outlive you all.”

Sorcha’s old pair are making arrangements for her resting place – but Honor has different ideas

‘He’s already decided what area of law he wants to go into and it’s definitely not keeping you out of prison’ says Ross to his father.

Ronan is about to finish college and the old man has a bribe to bring him onside

Brian, Johnny and Leo are sitting in the back, delighted to have been sent home from school early.

Sorcha is distraught because the boys have head lice

‘Hugo is the new go-to name for parents who want their children to be mistaken for Protestants.’

Sorcha is on the warpath after the latest phone call from the Montessori about the triplets

‘We’re still in the match. I try to tell the goys that.’

‘Most of our goys look like they’ve been pulled from the sea after their ship went down’

'No,' I go, 'I’m not pissed. I’ve got this match tomorrow and I’m nervous. I need to ask you something, Ro ... Could you get me drugs?'

‘I just need a little something to help me through the match against Newbridge'

‘Twas you,’ he goes. ‘Or a fool very like you!’ I’m there, “That’s a very serious allegation to make.”

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Irregordless, I do have my own – let’s say – ‘motivational’ qualities

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Preparation for Newbridge grudge match isn’t going to plan

‘What would you say to the idea of a rematch?’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: Our victory was slightly tainted when the IRFU stripped us of our medals

“Charles O’Carroll-Kelly isn’t about to be silenced by a bunch of teenagers who’ve been brought up to believe that they don’t have to listen to the opinions of others!”

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: I’m, like: ‘You’re not going to drive around Belfield bellowing insanely at passers-by?’

‘Brian, Johnny and Leo’s effing and blinding will wake the creatures of Whistleberry Forest long before anyone gets to play a note’

Honor goes, ‘The only reason I’m ringing is because there’s a Gorda checkpoint ahead’

The old man has turned to me for advice as to how young people think

Ross O’Carroll Kelly: The old man has a plan to stop him being no-platformed by UCD

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