Tommy Tiernan: “I wouldn’t be surprised if I came to consciousness in three minutes’ time in a carpet factory in Navan, with some foreman shouting ‘Cop on Tiernan! Stop daydreaming!’”

Comedian, chat show host and now actor talks comedy, Christmas and Catholicism

Thomas Walsh: “I thought there was one record in me that I should make for myself.” Photograph: Graham Keogh

Years of thankless touring and ignored albums have worn his patience thin, but Thomas Walsh hopes his new Pugwash album will set t(...)

The Endless Shimmering review: The Northern Irish band have moved their sound on while retaining their muscular dynamism

David Rawlings

The country star is known for his work with Gillian Welch but now he’s happy being out front


Dave Grohl: I thought the most radical idea for us right now would be to just to walk into a studio and make a record

The Foo Fighters frontman opens up about life in the biggest rock band in the world

Prophets of Rage: ‘We make banging music that’s saying something about the world’

New supergroup featuring members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill have big ambitions

SPARKSHippopotamus ****BMG

American Dream flirts with indulgence but their party roots show through

Adam Granduciel: Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The move to a major label hasn’t clipped the indie darlings’ wings or shortened their solos

Alison O’Donnell: has just released her second solo album Climb Sheer the Fields of Peace

At 64, Dalkey-born singer Alison O’Donnell has just released her second solo album and has no plans to slow down her long and fasc(...)

Frankie Cosmos: (from left) Luke Pyenson, David Maine, Lauren Martin and Greta Kline

Her parents are Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, but Greta Kline is no Hollywood brat. She’s taking the DIY route to stardom via her (...)


GOLDFINGERThe KnifeRise Records, 3

OH WONDERUltralife, 4Island Records

Singer Chris Martin arrived on stage  a plethora of cheesy patter. Photograph: Jens Meyer/AP Photo

Elephant costumes, ‘xylobands’, and an energetic Chris Martin make for an entertaining gig

Chris Martin performing with Coldplay in Italy on July 3rd. Photograph:  Sergione Infuso/Corbis/Getty

Getting there, line-up, stage times, possible set list and more

Five albums later, the R&B stars have lost none of their edge

It is true that in one sense, these feel like very hopeful times. I mean, I’ve never felt less alone in my will to resist

'There is a groundswell of resistance and awakening in the citizenry of America right now'

Royal Blood: “We definitely didn’t want to rip ourselves off”

The Brighton band's success has come at warp speed but the seem to be handling it well

The Californians are untethered on an album of bland midtempo pop-rock

There is a quiet confidence about this collection from the Dublin quartet

Melanie C: “I think, as time goes on, I become more and more proud of everything that we achieved.”  (Photo by Jo Hale/Redferns)

At first, the Spice Girls ‘just wanted to be pop stars’, but the sexism they encountered in the music industry lit the fuse on gir(...)

James Mercer: “I think what I missed was just having the time to sit there alone with the songs. That’s where all the little weird, quirky things come from.”

The Shins founder and sole trader might have made a summery musical gem, but he says it was a painful process: 'My wife doesn’t lo(...)

The band’s bleak worldview is let loose here, but Dave Gahan’s calls to arms are ineffective

The Choice Music Prize  Irish Album of the Year 2016 winners Rusangano Family, who won for their   album ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’ (Self Released).     Photograph:  Graham Keogh

Picture This win the Song of the Year prize for their tune Take My Hand

Patrick O’Laoghaire: “I have this curiosity about singers who sound really young and totally naive and innocent, and they also sound like they’re 100. I like that ‘somewhere in-between’ place.” Photograph: Alex Gonzales

The Dubliner behind I Have a Tribe is a deep thinker and reckons there's little difference between making music and the world's fa(...)

JOE CHESTERThe Easter Vigil *** Bohemia Records


JESCA HOOPMemories Are Now ****Sub Pop

Hamlet Sweeney of Nucleus Music Song Studio at his desk in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

Nucleus, Yangaroo and Subwoofr are the latest Irish generation of tools and services for musicians that hope to shake up the music(...)

Elbow: Craig Potter, Guy Garvey, Mark Potter and Pete Turner

Elbow take an egalitarian approach - but that didn’t stop drummer from Richard Jupp departing. Frontman Guy Garvey talks about reb(...)

Sarah Jarosz: ‘I was an N’ Sync girl. It wasn’t  until I heard Nickel Creek I started to say, Oh, this is really cool’

At just 25, the singer already has Grammy nominations and praise from the likes of Elton John powering her career

MENACE BEACH Lemon Memory *** Memphis Industries

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