An album to admire, rather than enjoy

Policia’s wrote these songs in the aftermath of an accident but the recovery journey is hard to connect to

Mabel’s mum deserves more credit for this visionary blueprint for female rappers

Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘We wanted to be looking forward, as well as celebrating our past’

The indie-rock quartet are back with a new album after a six-year hiatus

Woozy experimentation with gentle synth flurries provide warmth and heart

Mario Rosenstock. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

All I want for Christmas: Mario Rosenstock, actor, comedian and impressionist on the best best and worst of Christmas

Review: His pop star arrangements put him up there with Mancini and Bacharach

If this album turns out to be their swansong, it won’t be the one that fans remember them for

Jerry Fish.

All I want for Christmas . . . Jerry Fish: The singer-songwriter talks about his best and worst Christmases

Rufus Wainwright: ‘This tenth anniversary monument is, in many ways, a testimony to my mother and her love of the holiday season.’

Rufus and sister Martha discuss grieving for their mother, performing Christmas songs with family

She describes the album, recorded on a 100-year-old baby grand, as ‘1848 meets 2019’

The band play it safe with this patchy, inconsistent soundtrack to everyday life

Joanne McNally: “Even if I got my own Netflix special, and the only day I could film it was Christmas Day – it’d be ‘Go f**k yourself, Joanne. Come home’.”

Comedian Joanne McNally was born to perform but it took an eating disorder to kickstart her career

Foil, Arms and Hog: “Our strategy for global dominance started in the 19th century with the mass emigration of the Irish people.”

Comedy trio Foil, Arms and Hog on the ‘Irishisms’ in their sketches, how they spend Christmas and their plans for global dominance

Beck: “It would be very easy to come along and make something deliciously krautrock, or hide in the safety of the familiar.”

The Beck of 1994’s Mellow Gold seems a million miles from the 49-year-old releasing Hyperspace

Songs on band’s 12th album deal with how beautiful and terrible life can be

Jazz hands: Jeff Goldblum has just released his second album

Jeff Goldblum was a pianist before he was an actor. Now he’s back at the keys – and loving it

As 50-year milestone with Electric Light Orchestra nears, the singer is clearly still having fun

Londoner shrugs off the weight of music history with an adventurous album

 King Princess performing at Lollapalooza  in Chicago. Photograph: Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

Singer Mikaela Straus has got the songs, connections and attitude for popstar life

Follow-up is a more considered response to ‘fire and destructive imagery’ of Part 1

Elbow room: Giants of All Sizes is  a departure from the band’s last few records

Personal and global events have made Elbow's eighth album a much darker and more experimental record, says the singer

Perhaps Turpin’s true calling is as a writer, rather than a singer, of pop songs par excellence

Turpin has always willingly combined art with a sense of theatre and showmanship

The Belfast artist’s debut album dances between pop, electronica and classical

Longford band sound a bit like Mumford & Sons butting heads with The Killers

A fine return from the Dublin trio who evidently still have a lot to offer

‘I feel like I’ve been in denial of the fact that when I write my best, it’s usually when something terrible has happened.’

‘Every time I play there, I always tell myself: This is gonna be a sober Irish show’

The Dublin band’s blend of pop, new wave and theatrical cabaret inspired by 1930s Berlin remains unusual to this day

Nothing predictable about Dublin group’s second release following a difficult period

Review: Donegal singer-songwriter’s lovelorn ballads pitched at stadiums but overcooked

Gruff Rhys: Brexit seems to be like some sort of strange right-wing death cult

David Geraghty’s latest project features Prince, Bowie and Talking Heads grooves

Justin Vernon’s ambition gets the better of him with some nonsensical lyrics

Feminist punk band found inspiration for new record in an unexpected place

Influenced by Japan’s Satoshi Ashikawa, this is more than just background noise

Meath Gaeltacht singer has a powerful voice but does not fully unleash it

Closing track best sums up the album, leaving you to wonder, who exactly is this album for?

The Seattle band’s fourth album continues on their path of spiky indie rock

Underrated frontman of Silver Jews reinvents himself but his aptitude for measured, Americana-tinged indie-rock remains unscathed

Aldous Harding: new album Designer has been hailed as one of this year’s best. Photograph: 4AD

‘Mysterious’, ‘introverted’, ‘eccentric’ – The Kiwi songwriter has picked up a lot of labels and she’s not bothered

Joan Wasser, aka Joan as Police Woman: I feel really thankful that I made it into my 30s before beginning. Photograph: Allison Michael Orenstein

Joan Wasser has no regrets about delaying her solo career until into her 30s. But as she releases a 'Best of' collection, the Conn(...)

The Blarney native’s latest effort perfectly illustrates his strengths as a musician

The Raconteurs

Help Us Stranger marks the return of Jack White, Brendan Benson and The Raconteurs. The pair talk friendship, getting back togethe(...)

Tash Sultana will play the Iveagh Gardens on July 4th.

Hall & Oates, Garbage and the legendary Burt Bacharach are not to be missed

There are several great songs on the second album from the Dublin band, but none of them quite take full flight

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney’s ninth album is a return of-sorts to their earlier material

There is no Uptown Funk but this concoction of dancepop and laidback floorfillers has several stand-out moments

DIY effort sees Shapiro recentring herself following ill-health and a break-up

Neil Hannon’s 12th album laughs in the face of categorisation

The singer’s delicate songs are enhanced by sumptuous orchestral arrangements

These 1960s and 1970s tunes oscillate wildly between schmaltz and soaring balladry

This anthology perfectly illustrates how underrated Joan as Police Woman is as a songwriter

Hayden Thorpe: “It was quite interesting to be the leather-clad frontman of quite a ballsy record, while at the same time feeling quite unnerved and a bit fractured.” Photograph: Liza Geddes

Hayden Thorpe, formerly of Wild Beasts, on new music, the future and pretend bands

The Canadian’s fourth studio album retains his velvety croon and his propensity for short songs

Ginger rocker is in debt to Arctic Monkeys, but many songs sound like Kasabian cast-offs

Fear is unquestionably the more interesting group of songs here

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons celebrate 30 years as dance pioneers by going back to basics

New album has echoes of his old Fab Four tunes – and a big smattering of cheese

Interpol: “We made an album that’s very minimal and raw and honest.” Photograph: Jamie-James Medina

The frontman on his dark side, new lyrical clarity and rap influences on album No 6

Tony Wright: his debut book is tentatively called ‘Chapter & VerseChorusVerse: Another D*ckhead on the Road’. Photograph:

With six albums under his belt, a new record and a book on the way, Derry native Tony Wright is flourishing creatively like never (...)

Gulp All Good Wishes E.L.K. Records, 4

Hayley Kiyoko

From an ambient legend to punk newbies, discover the music that deserves a second listen

Aslan will play Iveagh Gardens, Dublin on Friday, 13th July, and Saturday, 21st July.

Alanis Morissette, The The, Aslan and Damien Dempsey some of the must sees

Desert rat: Baxter Dury describes himself as “a bloke in an ill-fitting ’80s suit talking over some synthesisers” and his new song Miami, about a Harvey Weinstein-type creep,  as “really coarse and horrible”

Dury jnr has reasons to be cheerful: he’s established his own musical identity, released a career-best in ‘Prince of Tears’ – and (...)

Lily Allen: warts, catchy choruses and all

The one-time jaunty pop star is candid about her failings without sliding into self-pity

Johnny Marr: 'My solo records are so satisfying now that I’m turning down more things than ever.'

The former Smiths guitarist on his third album, ‘Call the Comet’ – his most personal yet – and why he's happy to stay solo

Thundercat. Photograph: Rich Fury/Getty Images for FYF

But even if the forecast is wide of the mark, a battery of great acts will keep your spirits up

Ruban Neilson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra: “I don’t wanna be the sort of person who is just using their life to give people clickbait.” Photograph: Mike Windle/Getty Images for Coachella

Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman on eclecticism, oversharing and ‘crazy Americans’

Fans of his debut may miss the surging choruses – for the rest of us, this is a good thing

A shift in dynamic and style, but Alex Turner’s lyrics are as sharp as ever

Hamlet Sweeney: “We just wanted to write a great song so that if it didn’t make Eurovision, at least we’d still have a great song. And we nailed it.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Hamlet Sweeney of Dublin songwriting factory The Nucleus is hoping to lift Ireland’s Eurovision curse with a ‘dinger of a pop ball(...)

A Night of Musical Stories: Katie Kim and Radie Peat of Lankum are teaming up for a new project for the MusicTown festival in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Two artists bring their unique sounds together for a one-off musical evening

Finbar Furey: Now, at the age of 71, he is still pulling in plaudits from all directions and has a UK tour on the horizon.  Photograph: Ruth Medjber

Finbar Furey on growing up in `Ballyer', appearing on Top of the Pops and how the Beatles wanted his uileann pipes

 The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock: giving Jim Larkin and James Connolly the epic musical treatment

For this ‘concept album’ about the 1913 Lockout, the Dublin band have gone political and expanded to an 18-piece ‘electric guitar (...)

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