Great value: Crozes-Hermitage and St Joseph lie between Hermitage and Côte Rôtie

John Wilson: Make a dinner a special event with a good St Joseph or Crozes-Hermitage

Wines for the weekend: Tesco Finest Côtes de Gascogne and Réserve des Tuguets Madiran

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: these holiday bargains from Tesco will not disappoint

John Wilson: Provence rosé has grown ever since exploding onto the scene a decade ago

Wines for the weekend: Marks & Spencer Cava Brut NV and Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc 2018, both €10.50

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: A bargain Cava and a Sauvignon, both M&S

Whether you call it Alvarinho or Albariño, this is a perfect match for all kinds of shellfish, as well as octopus and hake

Plump, ripe pears and peaches, citric acidity and a touch of salt. Who could resist?

A rosé for the sunny days and a red for the cooler ones

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: A sunny weather rosé and a cooler day red

John Wilson: Beaujolais is the perfect alfresco wine, great with barbecues

Wines for the weekend: SuperValu’s Ricossa Gavi and Santodeno organic Sangiovese

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: The pick of SuperValu’s Italian festival

John Wilson: From Grillo to Nero d’Avola the island produces wines with their own unique character

Everything’s coming up rosé: Delheim Pinotage and Rós Garnacha

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: One South African, one Spanish, both O’Briens

John Wilson: With grapes ripening earlier, different varieties are going into your bottles

Wine for the weekend: Bordeaux wines may not seem very summery, but they go very well with barbecued food

Rieslings from Aldi, Wittmann, Zinck and Immich-Batterieberg

European or Australian, Riesling is perhaps the greatest white grape variety

Wines for the weekend: Merinas Old Vine Tempranillo and Quadro Sei Gavi, both from Marks & Spencer

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: A Spanish Tempranillo and an Italian Gavi

Try serving lighter red wines cool, or chilled, to best appreciate their nuances

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: Tesco Finest Aglianico and Pecorino

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: Pecorino and Aglianico, Italian gems from Tesco

Bring out those lighter reds and refreshing white wines that may have seemed anaemic a few weeks ago

It’s an ideal time of year for Lambrusco, Grüner Veltliner, Albariño and Chablis

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: Picciò Syrah and Fuedi di San Gregorio Albente, both from Lidl

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: dip into Lidl’s Italian selection

Winemaker Roberto Henriques with colleagues in the Itata valley in Chile.

The cool-climate region of Itata has vines as much as 200 years old

Aldi wine: the supermarket's €6.99 Toro Loco and slightly more expensive Muscadet

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: Aldi’s Toro Loco, plus its zingy €8.99 Muscadet

Easter parade: as lamb is one of the most wine-friendly meats of all, this is the time to show off your finest reds

John Wilson: Tradition dictates a Bordeaux, but don’t forget about Italy and Spain, too

John Wilson’s wines for the weekend: A Pinot Grigio with character and a Pinot Noir at a bargain price

Galician grapes: harvesting above the River Sacra. Photograph: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty

John Wilson: Spain has everything from light, crisp Txacolís to full-bodied Monastrells

John Wilson picks his favourites from Aldi's spring-summer wine collection

John Wilson: Not every Malbec is the stereotypical oaky alcoholic monster

Irish gins: Boyle’s Irish Botanical Gin, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, Graham Norton’s Own Irish Gin and Method & Madness Irish Gin

Four Irish gins: Boyle’s, Drumshanbo Gunpowder, Method & Madness, Graham Norton’s Own

Ireland’s favourite family dinner: we like a traditional roast best of all. Photograph: E+/Getty

John Wilson: There’s a bottle for all the best dishes, be it a roast or bacon and cabbage

Rhône star: one of Yann Chave’s Crozes-Hermitage vineyards

They’re not cheap, but, stuck below the radar, these Rhône whites are great value

Tempranillo means “little early one” as it ripens earlier than garnacha.

John Wilson: Spain’s most widely planted red grape produces generally light, fruity wines

Organic wine in Paris. Photograph: Vincent Isore/IP3/Getty Images

Most of us automatically think that organic wine is more natural, and in some ways it is

With 850 grape varieties in use in Italian wine, even the nerdiest of wine nerds will find something new to try

John Wilson: These four glorious ‘unknowns’ will send your taste buds into overdrive

Pinot pairings: Pinot Noir goes with most dishes, including salmon and tuna as well as white meats, duck and game. It also partners well with lightly spicy Chinese and Indian food. Photograph: iStock/Getty

It’s silky, smooth, even sexy. How can you go wrong? Try these four from New Zealand

This is the leanest time of year for independent wine shops, so we should try to support them. Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: Try your local independent wine shops for real value for money

Irish wine: harvesting grapes at the Lusca vineyard, in north Co Dublin. Photograph: @davidsorchard/Twitter

Wales has more than 15 vineyards. That’s promising for us, too – as are these Irish bottles

Seáneen Sullivan  in L Mulligan Grocer’s bar in Stoneybatter, Dublin which she co-owns. Photograph: James Forde for the Irish Times

Traditionally a male-dominated industry, women are making their mark in the world of Irish whiskey

Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: Four big, rich and powerful wines from Catalonia

Dry January: actually, I try to avoid alcohol three days a week throughout the year. Illustration: Digital Vision/iStock/Getty

From kombucha to kefir, soft drinks are so much more interesting than they used to be

Roman relief depicting people carrying amphorae in a wine cellar. (Photo By DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI/De Agostini/Getty Images)

There is a move away from modern to traditional wine methods

Party wines should not be too high in alcohol, but easy to drink with or without food. Photograph: iStock

These 20 great party wines are guaranteed crowd-pleasers

According to retailers,  sales of fortified wines increase exponentially as Christmas nears

John Wilson: It’s Christmas so let’s beef up the wine with a little more alcohol

Photograph: Getty

Some are old favourites, some are new, but all are well worth trying over the holidays

It’s worth splashing out a few more euro for your white wine this time of year, you’ll notice the difference

John Wilson lists his favourite whites for the season, with two bonus mentions

Unlike turkey, goose welcomes tannins and eats them up. Photograph: Getty Images

Whether you’re having turkey or goose will have a big bearing on your wine choice

Christmas sparkles: Irish independent wine sellers are stocking some great bubbles for the season

John Wilson picks his favourite bottles of bubbly wines from independent merchants

If you are having oysters, Chablis is perfect as is a good Muscadet. Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: Turkey goes with most wines but Chardonnays from Burgundy work well

John Wilson: A sweep of the supermarket’s top bubblies, whites and reds for the season

Christmas fizz: at this time of year many of us like something sparkling. Photograph: iStock/Getty

John Wilson: We’re way past peak prosecco. Happily, there are other options for fizz

New whiskies for Christmas

John Wilson: This week a few new Irish whiskies to dream about for Christmas

When it comes to a roast of beef or lamb, bordeaux is hard to beat.

Less expensive Bordeaux can offer great value for money

John Wilson selects the best offers from Aldi, Dunnes and O’Briens. Photograph: RapidEye/iStock/Getty

John Wilson finds the best bottles from some of the supermarket and off-licence offers

Photograph: iStock/Getty

This week, three independent wine retailers, all celebrating an anniversary

“Although it might remove some of the romance of wine, I think we have a right to know how our wine is made.” Photograph: iStock

Makers have managed to avoid telling us what is within. Should we be worried?

Pinot noir was once the holy grail of most winemakers. It was famously fussy to grow, and equally difficult to fashion into a drinkable wine. Photograph: Getty Images

John Wilson: Wine goes so well with all sorts of game birds, rabbit and venison

New regulations may simply play into the hands of larger wine producers and multiple retailers who ship in huge quantities. Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: Label legislation may end small producers’ wines in Ireland

Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: What goes best with roast beef, what’s lovely with chicken

Changing tastes: turbo-charged reds were all the rage a decade ago; now we are all looking for something a bit less alcoholic. Photograph: E+/Getty

John Wilson: Four reds that strike the right balance between ABV and flavour

Vineyards in Wachau, Austria. Photograph: iStock

Most of Austria’s wines are unique and consistently of a very high quality

Port has moved on from crusty old colonels swigging a glass in the library. Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: Vintage port matures and improves for decades, making it an ideal gift for a godchild

Adherents argue that it is the perfect food wine, able to cope with white and red meats, as well as smelly cheeses.

Orange wine combines the freshness and acidity of a white with the tannins of a red

Above €50 and you start to hit the law of diminishing returns. Photograph: iStock

Over €10, wine does usually taste better; €15-€25 and you should notice a big jump

Easy squeezy: the best seafood needs only some herbs and lemon. Photograph: iStock/Getty

John Wilson: My deathbed meal would include mussels, crab and these four whites

Dunnes Stores kick off their French wine sale on Tuesday September 4th

John Wilson: Dunnes Stores, SuperValu and O’Briens have some excellent wine deals

Vineyards and olive trees in the Douro Valley near Lamego, Portugal. Photograph: iStock

John Wilson: New Zealand, the US and Europe have some outstanding wine destinations

Photograph: Getty

John Wilson: Muscadet is enjoying a mini-revival, and Verdicchio is always worth a try

The country is potentially home to some of the world’s oldest commercial vineyards

The Aldi Summer wine sale features wines from Germany, Slovenia, Australia, Spain, South Africa and more

John Wilson picks his favourite bargain bottles from the supermarket sales

Photograph: iStock

In some wine competitions, the majority of (paying) entrants gets a prize

Rare vines: Dafni grapes growing in a Lyrarakis vineyard, in Crete

John Wilson: Instead of an old reliable try an unsung hero: Marsanne, Dafni, Aglianico or Mandó

Graham Norton (C) with Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron

Duo behind GN wines say TV host has great enthusiasm and a great palate

Dry rosé in general is one of the most food-friendly wines of all. Photograph: iStock

If your memories of Spanish rosé are of cheap plonk guzzled on holidays, think again

Possibly best of all would be a medium-bodied rosé. It is summer after all

It makes sense to match light-bodied wines with delicately flavoured foods

When the weather is good, the wine can be cheap(er)

Summery red wines can be lightly chilled. Photograph: iStock

Lighter summery reds are best at 10-15 degrees – an hour in the fridge is about right

Photograph: iStock

These wines always seemed confected and a little bit weird – until now

Photograph: Getty

Prosecco isn’t the only sparkling wine in town

World Gin Day is celebrated globally on June 9th

Flavoured with seaweed, rhubarb, Barry’s Tea or just classic gins made well, we’ve found the best Irish gins to try

There are plenty of decent inexpensive rosés to be found

Beyond Riesling, our knowledge of the wines of the French Alsace region is sketchy

A quiet revolution has been taking place, with producers literally returning to their roots

In warmer weather, we want reds that are low in alcohol but still high in flavour

Portuguese white wines: most are still relatively inexpensive and fit modern tastes perfectly

John Wilson: A country better known for its reds also has plenty of exciting dry whites

What is a 'natural' wine? Photograph: Nicolas Tucat/AFP/Getty Images

‘We did not invent anything, we simply returned to what our grandfathers did’

John Wilson asks: when are we going to rid ourselves of our Sauvignon Blanc obsession?

Tommy Cullen of Jus de Vine  in Portmarnock, Co Dublin: 'I love the area, we have a great set of customers and I am very happy at it.' Photograph: Aidan Crawley

A look at one wine shop celebrating 20 years in Portmarnock and another starting off with a bang in Terenure


Closer to beer than wine in production, the Japanese favourite offers a world of taste

Wine match: roast lamb is one of the best partners for almost any red. Photograph: John Carey/Getty

Francophiles will head straight for Bordeaux, but Rioja, Chianti Classico and Malbec are good alternatives

Vegans beware: there are two fairly common non-vegan methods of clarifying wine

Four of the best from the treasure trove that is our national spirit.

Tempted to raise a glass of our national spirt on St Patrick’s Day, then why not try these?

Puglia is responsible for 700 million litres of wine, mostly red wine, each year. Photograph: iStock

The Italian region is replacing overly alcoholic wines with some very impressive bottles

Fazzoletto Barbera Passito, Piemonte

Several interesting wines have a high alcohol content

A Chardonnay made from grapes picked early or from a cool climate will be fresh, crisp and dry

Rest assured, oaky Chardonnays of the early 2000’s are a thing of the past

Fecovita, a group of 29 co-operatives in Argentica with 5,000 members controlling 30,000 hectares of vines

Four wines made with a collective spirit

Photograph: Jodi Cobb / Getty

This is not the time for a beefy Malbec – choose a silky sensuous Pinot Noir

Lambrusco has changed. Driven by a small group of ambitious producers, it now offers a string of interesting, complex, dry, lightly sparkling wines

The wine’s dark acidic days are in the past thanks to a new breed of producers

Wine growers in some regions worry that climate change is threatening their harvests. Photograph: Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP/Getty Images

Some the best-known wine-making regions have had a bad 2017 due to adverse weather. But don't worry, there's plenty to go around

A Spanish fruity white for Sauvignon Blanc fans and a red packed with flavour from Ribera del Duero

Fill your glass  to a quarter or a third full  and enjoy the pleasures of a really good wine

Drinking less in this dreary month stretched my budget to these fine wines

My suggestion for 2018 is to shop local and trade up. Instead of buying three bottles for €4.99, treat yourself to one great wine for €15. Photograph: iStock

Treat yourself to great wines this year instead of multiple cheap bottles. Here are four gems to try

Winter warmers: Languedoc-Roussillon is the source of many good but inexpensive wines. Photograph: Getty

Laurent Miquel and the Mas family make some great-value wines in Languedoc-Roussillon

Lough Gill Distillery in Hazelwood Estate in Co Sligo is due to release three whiskeys under its Athrú brand name.

Most of Ireland’s 20 distilleries will release special whiskeys in time for Christmas. Here’s a flavour of what’s coming to a glas(...)

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