La Prendina Bardolino,  Thörle Spätburgunder, Domaine des Nugues Beaujolais Villages and Pittnauer Zweigelt Heideboden

Four bottles, four countries, four grape varieties, and all with an ABV of 13% or less

Big bargains to be had for limited time but wine buyer warns of shortages to come

Wit or Witout You is made using a Belgian Abbaye yeast

Wit or Witout you is ‘a crushable beer to knock back on a sunny day’

The Côtes du Rhône appellation is the second-largest in France, after Bordeaux

Grenache is enjoying renewed interest, not just in the Rhône but also in parts of Spain

Full-bodied Alicante Bouschet and fresh and fruity Pecorino. Both from Marks and Spencer.

Weekend wines: This Italian white usually costs twice as much

Richie Hamilton, head brewer at Hope Beer.

Hope Beer in Kilbarrack, Co Dublin have launched a limited edition Amber Larger

John Wilson: Despite all the new wines in the first spring tastings, the four featured here are old favourites

Lying in the southern part of the Central Valley, the climate in the Maule Valley is a little bit cooler, but the wines are still rich and warming

Weekend wines: Northern Portugal is worth checking out for lower-alcohol white wines

Eight thousand bottles were produced, as well as 1,000 cask-strength bottles of the same whiskey

Matured in bourbon casks, this whiskey completes an interesting series of special editions

Kevin O’Gorman, master distiller at Midleton, unveils the nearly 50-old-whiskey up for sale this week

The distillery has produced 100 bottles of this powerful, rich whiskey for collectors

The region produces a range of excellent white wines

Most of the better whites have a liveliness that contrasts well with the textured rich fruit

If you enjoy lighter red wines then this outstanding bargain is one to stock up on before the O’Briens French wine sale comes to a close

Weekend wines: This all-rounder red has become a favourite chez Wilson

Bertha’s Revenge Crab Apple Gin

Bertha’s Revenge Crab Apple Gin is not too sweet and full of spicy apple flavours

The global wine map has changed radically from the restricted choice of 30 years ago

Rosés from France and Italy topped the selection from Aldi this week

As our love of rosé continues to grow, Aldi presents a refreshing selection

The Killahora Pom’o (centre) is made from a blend of apple brandy and apple juice which is  aged for 12 months in Roe & Co whiskey barrels.

Roe & Co’s Curator 0.2 intrigues the palate with a Killahora Orchard twist

There is plenty of choice both from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, and Loire

Weekend wines: Discounts of 20% make O’Briens’s French wines worth seeking out

Wine prices seem to be increasing across the board

Lamb is one of the most wine-friendly foods; it doesn’t have to be the traditional Bordeaux

Method and Madness’ new Irish Pot Still whiskies

Highlight is the €3,000 Mizunara Oak Cask Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The two best-known names of the region are Barolo and Barbaresco, both made from the Nebbiolo grape

Piemonte region has two of the world’s great wines and a wealth of other varieties

Picpoul de Pinet is fresh crisp apple fruits, lemon zest and a dry finish

Weekend wines: For well under a tenner, take a virtual trip to the Mediterranean

All three flavours are available in 30ml, 50ml and 200ml bottles

John Wilson: Beara Bitters provides endless fun for cocktail enthusiasts

There are sub-regions of Bordeaux that produce wines of real quality, often at reasonable prices

John Wilson: Not all the great wines in this region come with great price tags

Keenly priced wines at Lidl offer refreshing taste for Easter celebrations

Weekend wines: This year’s limited range has stronger whites than reds

The first whiskey in the Jameson Anthology series will be released by ballot.

Collector interest expected for first bottles in Jameson Anthology series

Drumshanbo’s Galánta is priced €120

Galánta, a limited-edition single malt, has a lovely ripeness on the palate and an excellent finish

Though not cheap, you are unlikely to find a dud wine from Austria

The grape Grüner Veltliner is a chameleon, producing varied but high-quality wines

Both Sauvignon and Malbec are amongst our favourite grape varieties and these are good examples of the genre

Weekend wines: Try this week’s Argentinian Malbec with a rare steak or a posh burger

Astral Grains Foreign Export Stout made by Lineman Brewery won silver last year and joint gold this year.

Lineman Brewery edged up the rankings to take joint gold with Lough Gill’s Spear stout

Four of a kind: All things Malbec.

More considered winemaking has been accompanied by a move to higher ground

We don’t see enough Greek wine in this country, so I was delighted to come across this wine in Aldi

Weekend wines: Full bodied maturity in a red and peaches and pears in a white

Glendalough’s  new release of its seven-year-old single malt is finished in Mizunara oak, creating  unique spicy notes, including sandalwood, vanilla and coconut

This time of year generally sees a number of new releases and 2022 is no exception

Four wines from Irish wine producers

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with these excellent, ageworthy wines

There’s something of everyone among these four wines from O’Briens

Weekend wines: O’Briens have a great selection of wines perfect for celebrating

The label features artwork inspired by 1981

The gift box it comes in will include exclusive access to a 40th-anniversary Spotify playlist

The labels do not mention sweetness, instead using terms such as rounded, rich, silky or smooth

Dry is often seen as more sophisticated but some of our best-sellers are on the sweet side

Once again Lidl offers fantastic wines at prices that won’t break the bank

Weekend wines: Lidl’s Wine Cellar offers full-bodied and fruity wines at less than €9

Con Traas: his vinegar is a staple in many kitchens

‘Cider was accidental in a way; we were making it for cider vinegar but some of it was very nice so we started bottling it’

Vines may have been ripped up in California, but around the viticultural world, Merlot is still very popular

Merlot has had a rough decade or two, going from hero to villain and then obscurity

Rioja doesn’t have to be aged for long periods in oak – these bottles have not seen the inside of an  barrel

Weekend wines: These bottles from Dunnes are all about vibrant, youthful fruit

David Llewellyn harvesting grapes in Lusk, Co Dublin

David Llewellyn produces quality drinks from his grapes, apples and other fruits

Chile has so much more to offer the wine drinker

John Wilson: ‘Cheap’, ‘Sauvignon’ – yes, but also nearly every international grape variety

Four wines from sunnier climes, all on promotion in O’Briens this week

Weekend wines: Pick up one of these bottles and dream of good times ahead

O Brother, having switched to cans during lockdown, is growing strongly

Brewer Richard Barrett says the brotherly beer enterprise doesn’t feel like work

Virtually every wine shop offers small sizes of Prosecco, but I think a half-bottle of good Champagne is the perfect way to woo a Valentine

Although it goes well with food, an entire bottle can be too much for two people, so think smaller

The SuperValu Spanish sale, which got underway yesterday, will continue until March 2nd

Weekend wines: Some unusual and unique bottles are in the Spain and Portugal sale

Daniel Emerson of Stonewell is cautiously optimistic about business after a difficult lockdown.

General palate in Ireland is for something medium dry, but taste for different ciders is expanding

Organic wine is now an accepted part of the mainstream wine business, and to many consumers a sign that a producer is serious about wine quality

It's about more than just what's in the bottle when you're buying organic wine

Blaye is one of the value regions of Bordeaux, producing some very good quality wines

Classic French wines that won’t break the bank

One of Clonakilty Distillery’s barley fields on Galley Head. Photograph: Tomasz Maciejewski

Their signature will be a single pot still whiskey to be released in 2024

John Wilson: On these cold evenings, the warmer style of Nero d’Avola would make a great partner for a warming stew, pasta with a rich ragù, or bean casseroles.

Italian island has a treasure trove of indigenous grapes, including a few of real interest

Weekend wines: A Riesling and a Rioja that won’t break the bank

My personal favourite is the Dan Kelly’s Original

At Dan Kelly’s Cider in Co Louth they do things the hard way, in other words properly

Top four: A few euro make a huge difference to the quality of your wine

‘I plan to drink less and to continue drinking better ... It is never too late for resolutions’

For many people, the word Riesling denotes a sweet wine. Yet a great many, including one of these wines, are bone dry

Weekend wines: Classy Bordeaux for under a tenner and a versatile dry white from Australia

Blood Monkey Spice Storm gin is flavoured with orange and cardamom. Photograph: iStock

Outcast Brands says its Blood Monkey Spice Storm gin is best served neat

Fantastic four: Vermouth is generally made from white wine while red vermouths derive their colour from botanicals, caramel or added red wine.

Drink is a wine that has been fortified to 15-19% and then flavoured with a range of botanicals

Marlborough Sauvignon is many people’s favourite white wine, but in recent years Pinot Noir from the same region has got so much better

Wines for the weekend: Two to try on special offer from SuperValu

King of Kefir

Gerry Scullion of King of Kefir has been producing these delicate drinks for a decade

Most kombucha and kefir contain far less sugar and other additives than mainstream colas and other soft drinks

John Wilson: Proponents believe the drink offers all sorts of health benefits

Quiet Noise: Ireland’s first full range of alcohol-free beers

John Wilson: Many craft brewers make excellent low- and no-alcohol beers

Alcohol-free wines: most are made into real wine first and then have the alcohol removed

There are more nonalcoholic wines, beers and spirits than ever – and they’re getting better too

Wine tastings and courses can be great fun, as well as being a way to socialise and meet like-minded people

Wine courses can be fun, I know one married couple who met at an Irish Times tasting

My favoured option would be a soft warming Grenache of some sort

John Wilson: Leftover sangers don’t really go with the most elegant wines, but it’s all part of the festive season

Lough Ree Distillery in Lanesborough  are offering four limited releases in their Bridge series

Releases include Teeling’s 30-year-old single malt costing €975 per bottle

Until recently there was a big gap between champagne and most other sparkling wines, both in price and quality

Some excellent sparkling wines have closed the quality gap with champagne

Dunnes Stores have a 20 per cent discount on all wine, which naturally rewards those who spend a little more

Wines for the holidays: Two whites, two reds, plus a few extra bottles worth checking out

Pricey pour: there’s no alcohol in the glass, so why does it cost as much as a normal gin and tonic? Photograph: iStock/Getty

John Wilson on the production challenges behind these often small-batch drinks

Look at wines with ripe fruit and light tannins to accompany your festive food

Don’t just reach for a favourite wine or beer. Choose one that matches the seasonal menu

Fine wines for the weekend: Famille JM Cazes Pauillac, Ascheri Matteo Barolo, Cave de Tain Hermitage Nobles Rives and Château Gloria St Julien

Wines for the Weekend: These four are far from cheap, but they’re outstanding bottles

The Teeling New Market Fashioned.

John Wilson: Cocktail inspiration to take an old fashioned to the next level

  Irish whiskey distilleries have released a number of new limited-edition whiskies. Photograph: iStock

Irish market has plenty of new gems to offer as spirit continues to grow in popularity

Here’s a list (checked twice) of wonderful white and fortified wines and food pairings

Christmas drinks: John Wilson’s selection from SuperValu’s festive line-up

Wines for the holidays: These six are all from France, but there’s something for everyone

Citrus & Spice ... And All Things Nice, made with Gunpowder Irish gin

An Dúlamán, Gunpowder, Maharani and Blackwater reveal their insider secrets

Buy early if you want to be sure of having your favourite brand of champagne this Christmas and New Year.

Rumour has it there’s not enough sparkling wine to go around. What’s going on?

Porterhouse Brew Co stout

Irish craft brewers attract a new generation by making the pint of plain their own

Sparkling, as well as white and red wines, to treat your guests, and yourself

Some of the incredible wines enjoyed by John Wilson in a variety of convivial settings and all in the last year.

The wine writer picks a dozen that stood out as special for him over the past year

Des Jeffares

Des Jeffares has found a wide market for a healthier version of the drinks of his youth

Once the leaves begin to fall and the days close in, I turn to more substantial wines and more substantial food too

Parts of Spain, France and Italy produce reasonably priced wines made for autumn and winter drinking

Christmas drinks: John Wilson’s selection from Aldi’s festive line-up

Wines for the holidays: Three fizzes, a white, three reds, a dessert wine and a port

Master blender Paul Caris and managing director Stephen Cope of Grace O’Malley Spirits

Grace O’Malley Spirits has launched its first blended whiskey, and a special single malt

John Wilson: They tend to be made from a single variety and are usually inexpensive

Christmas wine: Tesco Finest Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, Chablis, Rioja Reserva and Sauternes

Wines for the holidays: A champagne, a white, a red and a dessert wine

Santina Kennedy of Powerscourt Distillery

Take a tour of Wicklow Way Wines, Wicklow Wolf or Powerscourt Distillery

Sherry is non-vintage and has been fortified, or had grape brandy added.

I was once told if you like green olives, soy sauce and Marmite, you will enjoy sherry

Wines for the weekend: Norton Luján de Cuyo Malbec, Laurent Miquel Heritage Vineyards Syrah and JP Ramos Marques de Borba Colheita

Wines for the Weekend: This trio are rich and hearty but also have a touch of elegance

The vineyard at Bodega Lagar de Costa where Lynne Coyle is making Geal, a white wine that’s a perfect match for seafood.

Geal Albariño is the best yet from this coastal vineyard in Rías Baixas

Mark Lucey, brewer and founder of Lineman Brewery in Dublin: the brewery has launched a new pale ale, Fluid Dynamic

Fluid Dynamic pale ale is available on draught and in cans

John Wilson: Regional and bursting with tradition, Portuguese wines have arrived

Great-value wines for the weekend from Lidl

Wines for the weekend: Drinks to enjoy as an aperitif, with a ribeye steak or Italian dish

Cans are more environmentally friendly than bottles for packaging beer. Photograph: iStock

‘They allow you to pack 25-30% more beer in the same space when transporting’

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