Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, Lorcan Finnegan’s science fiction film Vivarium was supported by Screen Ireland.

Lorcan Finnegan’s Vivarium, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, will be shown during Cannes 2019 International Critics’ Wee(...)

Golden but oldies: Dylan, Bowie, Madonna, Yoko Ono and Laurie Anderson

How much harder it is for a star to deliver records that matter when, like Madonna, they have passed their 60th birthday?

Bird Box: a fitful, meme-friendly thriller that generated 45 million views

We already know not to ‘watch what others are watching’. That way lies Mrs Brown’s Boys

Some think she’s ‘a bit frightening’, including in Neil Jordan’s Greta, but the star couldn’t be nicer

Beware of the big bad wolf: Chloë Grace Moretz in Greta

New this weekend: Neil Jordan's Greta and Mel Gibson in Dragged Across Concrete

The Avengers in action

Avengers: Endgame set to become the fifth Marvel film in top 10 grossing of all time

New this week: Elena Sofia Ricci as Veronica Lario in Loro, on limited release

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Also: A first for Marvel, Friends’ Phoebe and her parents, not directed by Ridley Scott

Toni Servillo as Silvio Berlusconi in Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, Loro. Photograph: Gianni Fiorito

Review: Paolo Sorrentino looks a bit like a bad copy of himself in this ugly collage

Cannes 2019: Penélope Cruz and Raúl Arévalo in Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria), directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Big-name auteurs in Croisette line-up, but only four films by women in competition

Judi Dench   tries her absolute best in ‘Red Joan’

Review: To make something so boring of the fascinating true-life story of Soviet spy Melita Norwood takes a certain quality

Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. Photograph:  Universal Pictures

The sudden interest in Meet Joe Black brings back an overlooked oddity from 1998

Big box office: Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat. Photograph: AMMA/Getty

Pornography – even hard-core – was once big box office. The internet changed everything

Red, white and blue: Not every sane contributor needs to be complemented by a lunatic. Captain America can avoid that trap.

Donald Clarke: Chris Evans’ endeavour into US politics may prove to be just a hero’s folly

New this week: Issa Rae and Marsai Martin in Little

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

A little bit country: Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose

New this weekend: Wild Rose, mid90s, Little

Also: Who was not in the Wild Bunch and who has yet to remake a Disney classic?

Don’t Go: A lot goes on, but the film never attains the spooky resonance of Nicolas Roeg’s indestructible classic.

Review: After their child dies, a couple have visions suggesting the infant may still be nearby

Actor, writer and director Jonah Hill in December 2018. Photograph: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for GQ

‘This isn’t a goof’: Actor and director talks Mid90s and the power of writing

(from left) Devon (Tucker Meek), Isaac (JD McCrary), little Jordan Sanders (Marsai Martin) and Raina (Thalia Tran) in Little, co-written and directed by Tina Gordon.

Review: The old jokes can still raise laughs if enjoyed in the right company

Wild Rose: To strain a musical analogy, the verse and choruses are strong, but the middle eight hits too many of the wrong notes.

Review: She has all the talent she needs – a great voice, acting presence and comic timing

My Left Foot: Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown in Jim Sheridan’s 1989 film

Released in April 1989, it changed everything for Daniel Day-Lewis and Jim Sheridan

The Dead Don’t Die: the online pretrailer for Jim Jarmusch’s film is attention-span deficit in action

Two decades after the Phantom Menace teaser, they are our age’s internet art form

Pet Sematary: it has cats. Scary cats

New this weekend: Pet Sematary, Missing Link, Shazam!, The Sisters Brothers

New this week: Adriano Tardiolo in Happy as Lazzaro, screening through AccessCinema around the country, including the Pavillion Threatre, Dún Laoghaire on April 15th; Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray on April 22nd; and Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge on May 13th (

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Also: The Mafia and The Godfather, directing for Netflix and songs not on Trainspotting soundtrack

Bert Trautmann is played with humble charm by David Kross

Review: You’d have to work very hard to kill the story of Bert Trautmann

The main gag is Billy’s unease in not just the body of a man, but also that of a being who can shoot lightning from his fingers and leap buildings

Review: Too many asides and extended punch-ups drag this past the two-hour mark

Laurence O’Fuarain in The Limit Of

Review: There are ideas worth pursuing here, but they needed a lot more refinement

Last Breath

Review: The story of a North Sea drilling crew facing catastrophe is told effectively

Manchester City’s goalkeeper Bert Trautmann dives at the feet of Birmingham’s Peter Murphy during the 1956 FA Cup Final at Wembley. Trautmann broke his neck making the save, but played on. Photograph:  Allsport Hulton/Archive

Former Hitler Youth member overcame animosity to become a star goalkeeper at Manchester City

Sarah Connor, mother to future revolutionary John Connor, surely scores as the most impressively ‘badass’ mom of the modern era

The fanatical mother of Carrie, the self-sacrificing Mildred Pierce, the baddass Sarah Connor

A Clockwork Orange: Ronnie Barker’s Porridge offered more biting satire

Donald Clarke: A new print of A Clockwork Orange is on the way – get your boots on

Agnes Varda: “I was curious, curiosity is a good thing. And I was curious about different people.” Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Agnès Varda’s death is a loss to French cinema, but her legacy lives on

New this week: Patricia Clarkson in Out of Blue

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Also: John Wayne’s real name, the fat suit fracas and spot the fake Robert De Niro's movie

The pain of the painter: Oscar-nominated Willem Dafoe in At Eternity’s Gate

New this weekend: At Eternity’s Gate, Dumbo, The Man Who Wanted to Fly, Being Frank

Chris Sievey aka Frank Sidebottom: Friends say that, when wearing the head, Sievey never talked in his own voice

Review: His comic creation – Sievey in a papier-mâché head – inspired Lenny Abrahamson’s ‘Frank’

Willem Dafoe as Vincent Van Gogh: the actor so owns At Eternity’s Gate that it’s difficult to imagine it without him. Photograph: Lily Gavin

Review: The film makes a genuine effort to engage with the artist’s mental torments

Directed by Tim Burton, Disney’s big-screen adventure Dumbo flies into theatres this week. Photograph: Disney

Review: Tim Burton makes canny use of a delightful cast including Colin Farrell and Eva Green

Daniel Craig is training heavily to get back into shape for the film they’re calling Bond 25

At 51, Craig needs to work hard to convince as the UK’s greatest killing machine

Young people standing in the mud and water and talking, during Woodstock in August, 1969. Photograph: John Dominis/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty

Donald Clarke: Woodstock 50 line-up criticism has left you sounding like your parents

Vincent Van Gogh: Willem Dafoe as the painter in Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate

The actor throws himself into playing Van Gogh – and makes sure to have fun doing it

The millions who enjoyed Get Out will expect a debate about socio-political discontents

New this weekend: Us is a macabre American satire from the maker of Get Out

Zack Mulligan and Keire Johnson in Minding the Gap,  Bing Liu’s Oscar-nominated documentary. Photograph courtesy of Sundance Institute Zack Mulligan and Keire Johnson in Minding the Gap,  Bing Liu’s Oscar-nominated documentary. Photograph courtesy of Sundance Institute

Review: There’s something iffy about the way Bing Liu edited his Oscar-nominated film

Once upon a Time in Hollywood: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio star in the new Quentin Tarantino film

Prepare for DiCaprio, Pitt, freaky dancing and an awkward Manson Family association

Minding the Gap: Zack Mulligan and Keire Johnson in Bing Liu’s film. Photograph: Bing Liu/Sundance

Bing Liu’s complex Oscar-nominated documentary is carefully engineered film-making

The millions who enjoyed Get Out will expect a debate about socio-political discontents

Review: All credit to a cast that includes Lupita Nyong’o and Elisabeth Moss

The Toy Story films blend rollicking adventure with existential despair

Pixar’s fourth instalment will keep the Entertainment-Industrial Complex ticking over

Steve McQueen: Wore his own clothes

Re-released this week, the ‘absolute rubbish’ film is one of the most entertaining movies ever

Flight of the Doves: unspools on TG4 at 11am on St Patrick’s Day

Donald Clarke: We need a campaign to put the film at the heart of Saint Patrick’s Day

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Her call for more diversity in the media sparked a backlash among social media loudmouths. Photograph: Marvel Studios 2019

Captain Marvel a box office smash despite tiny-bearded men’s protests about ‘radical feminism’

Lucas Hedges (22) comes across as articulate and unaffected. Photograph: Mark Schaefer

Rising star on fast track to unavoidability could not turn down chance to work with Lady Bird actor

Also: Pride & Prejudice & movie stars, going Oscarless, Olivia Colman’s point of view

Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges in Ben Is Back. Photograph: Lionsgate

Review: The two leads spare no effort in teasing emotions in sincere melodrama

We  get a few seconds of romantic tension between Thor and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)

Avengers: Endgame opens on April 25th. It will be the highest grossing film of the year

Under the Silver Lake: Deadeningly lifeless

Review: Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough and Topher Grace ‘star’ in this queasy follow-up

Victor Polster as Lara

Review: There is no easy way of addressing such a nuanced subject

Aisling Franciosi: the actor at the Venice Film Festival in 2018. Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty

Best of Irish: In advance of St Patrick’s Day, we celebrate leading lights of our creative industries

The blackboard from the opening episode of the second series of Derry Girls. Photograph: Dylan Llewellyn via Twitter

LIsa McGee brilliantly selected her slurs and generalisations about Northern religions

Girl: Victor Polster as Lara

Lukas Dhont’s Girl, inspired by Nora Monsecour, has a cisgender lead. Does it matter?

New this week: the documentary Maiden, on limited release

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Also: What film won most Oscars in the 2019 Academy Awards?

Let the right scent in: Eva Melander (right) in Border

New this weekend: Border, The Kindergarten Teacher, Captain Marvel, Maiden

Everybody Knows: Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem  are cleverly cast as former lovers

Review: Iranian master Asghar Farhadi crafts a crowd-pleaser that fails to satisfy

Brie Larson does well enough in a role that would better suit an actor less wedded to underplayed naturalism

Review: The first Marvel release with a woman protagonist can’t do for the 90s what Bumblebee did for the 80s

Eero Milonoff (left) as Vore and Eva Melander (right) as Tina in ‘Border’

Ali Abbasi’s latest work invites allegorical interpretation on a number of themes

Director and writer Stephen Merchant at the TV Empire Awards in London last year. Photograph:  John Phillips/Getty Images

English writer Stephen Merchant on helming Fight With My Family, trying to move away from satire and revisiting The Office

Best actress: Jessie Buckley in the gobsmacking Wild Rose

Critics’ circle awards wrap up Dublin International Film Festival 2019

The well-known statue of the cinema usher which once stood outside the Screen Cinema. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Whatever name the building was known by in its lifetime, it was always a city landmark

New this week: the original Ringu (Ring), on limited release

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Forest primeval: Seána Kerslake and  James Quinn Markey in The Hole in the Ground

New this weekend: The Hole in the Ground, Foxtrot, Fighting with My Family and Sauvage

And, if you're feeling clever, what is the working title of the next James Bond film?

Ringu was a smash in its native Japan, but its effect abroad secured its seminal reputation

The Japanese horror did more to revitalise a genre than any other release of its era

‘An Engineer Imagines’ examines the life and work of Peter Rice (L)

Documentary on Peter Rice offers a faultless account of ‘the Joyce of structural engineering’

Pulchritudinous: Keira Knightley

Review: This is knitting-pattern cinema, completely lacking in emotional charge

What Time Is Death? Paul Duane’s documentary charts Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty’s project to build a pyramid of  bricks containing human ashes

Dublin International Film Festival: Paul Duane’s What Time Is Death? charts Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty’s latest singular projec(...)

Seána Kerslake has a gift for generating empathy from unhinged energy

Review: Seána Kerslake fires on all emotions in a film that could flatten a lesser actor

Frank Hall, former Irish film censor: ‘Life of Brian was ‘offensive to Christians and to Jews as well, because it made them appear a terrible load of gobshites’

As 40th-anniversary screenings arrive, it’s worth asking why we were so accepting of censorship

The Irishman: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s new film

Donald Clarke predicts next year’s best picture nominees. He used to be good at this...

Oscars 2019: Rami Malek, Olivia Colman, Regina King and Mahershala Ali, who won the four acting awards. Photograph: Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty

Analysis: How did Green Book, an indifferent film with lazy racial politics, win best picture?

Olivia Colman holds her award for Actress in a Leading Role for ‘The Favourite’ during the 91st annual Academy Awards. Photograph: EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

Green Book is best film, Bohemian Rhapsody wins most. Glenn Close overlooked for 7th time

Composer David Shire talks to Aedín Gormley at the Light House cinema about his life in the movies. Photograph: Simon Lazewski

Dublin International Film Festival: Composer David Shire on his life in the movies

An Oscar statue is pictured at the press preview for the 91st Academy Awards. The 91st Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 24th at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles

Where can you watch the ceremony? When does it start and end? Who are the favourites?

Following the “discovery” of information that had been available for nearly 50 years publications ran stories on the late actor’s illiberal attitudes. Photo/Warner Bros

Why are people obsessed with sharing their ignorance?

Who will win the best picture Oscar?

The Favourite may be overlooked for the big prizes with Roma likely to steal the show

New this week: Capernaum

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Revenge is a dish served best by Liam Neeson: Cold Pursuit

New this weekend: Cold Pursuit, Capernaum, The Passenger, On the Basis of Sex

Capernaum is every bit as cinematically engaged as the greats of Italian neo-realism

Review: Nadine Labaki’s ruthlessly moving new film deserves its Oscar nomination

Liam Neeson in Cold Pursuit

Review: This revenge thriller will be renowned for its star's racially charged comments

The festival opens with a screening of John Butler’s already well-reviewed Papi Chulo.

The festival is back with a sponsor and boasts new world cinema, fresh Irish releases and a host of famous guests

Actor Bruno Ganz at the Venice Film Festival in 2015. Photograph: Andrew Medichini/AP

Actor, who was diagnosed with cancer, was a key figure in German cinema

James Stewart in ‘Rear Window’: Hitchcock’s film is on the Leaving Cert syllabus, btu exactly about the film is being studied

Donald Clarke: This week’s Oscars news reflects the common, idiotic view that cinema is little more than a type of flat theatre th(...)

The Hole in the Ground played to great reviews at the Sundance Film Festival

The Tallaght actor might have to get used to it, as her star quality shines in The Hole in the Ground

New this week: Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan in A Private War

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

She’s got him wrapped around her finger: Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve (1941)

New this weekend: The Lady Eve rereleased, A Private War, Happy Death Day 2U

Also: Who is Brie Larson about to become in a Marvel Comics adaptation?

The juvenile actors are satisfactory without doing anything to trouble the scorers at Bafta

Review: Joe Cornish’s retelling of the King Arthur myth in London is zippy enough

Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan in A Private War

Review: The honkingly unsubtle dialogue is not worthy of Rosamund Pike’s steely focus

Brie Larson: ‘I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about A Wrinkle in Time’. Photograph: Noam Galai/WireImage

The ‘Captain Marvel’ star is campaigning for more diversity in the press pool. Will it work?

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