What is the new Oscar category? Which real people has Anthony Hopkins played?

Once was king: Orson Welles

Review: Those who engage with the Cousinian vowels will find much to savour

New this week: The Eyes of Orson Welles

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Friends: stuck in second gear forever and ever and ...

Donald Clarke: The 21st-century viewer wants to sink soothingly into a world they already know

Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) and Winnie the Pooh

Review: Sadness pervades this adaptation. What’s going on? Is there honey still for tea?

John Mills and Richard Attenborough on set

Richard Attenborough’s son will visit Skibbereen for ‘Oh! What a Lovely War’ screening

By early 2020 Idris Elba  will be 47. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Elba is already too old, but a black, Asian or female actor could succeed Daniel Craig

Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin with . . . Winnie the Pooh

‘If you always wanted a convertible and you get one then why should we demean that?’

Bad, bad neighbours: Under the Tree from Iceland, on select release

New this week: Under the Tree, Dog Days and Pope Francis, the man


Also this week: Troy McClure's movies, Saint Peter actors, Brits at the Oscars

Foreman set out to discover the man who, best remembered for the 1978 film The Patriot Game, became a dedicated chronicler of the Northern Irish Troubles.

Review: Donal Foreman’s odd documentary of his father merges the personal and the political

Wim Wenders with Pope Francis.

Review: Wim Wenders’s lengthy interview is an eminently watchable study

'Rey, I’m not your daddy.' Fans were annoyed that the character played by Daisy Ridley was not the daughter of Luke Skywalker or a Wookiee or something

Do not judge 'Star Wars' fans by this stupid campaign. Not all of them have lost the plot

New this week: Unfriended: Dark Web

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Few will argue with the decision to shorten awards season by a whole month

The 2020 ceremony will also move forward by nearly a month – a welcome move

A fine young cast are let down by a poor film

Review: This bewildering film feels mercilessly edited by a studio that lost interest

Kathleen Turner: ‘I’ll be quite honest, which is my wont.’ Greg Lewis/Universal Television/Hulu/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In a typically frank interview, Kathleen Turner has said she would ‘shoot herself’ if she were like [unnamed very rich actress]

 Robert Redford in ‘The Candidate’

Always take an actor’s retirement announcment with a pinch of salt, writes Donald Clarke

German director Wim Winders with Pope Francis, the subject of his latest documentary.

Director Wim Wenders says pope answered every question ‘spontaneously and in-depth’

Sarah Greene during filming for ‘Rosie’.

New film ‘Rosie’ focuses on ‘ordinary’ family staying in hotel accommodation

Luna in wonderland: Julia Jedlikowska in Sicilian Ghost Story

New this week: Sicilian Ghost Story, Ant Man and the Wasp, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Also, who is not an Avenger and a colourful question about four classics

Who dat: Love Island winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham slip through Stansted airport unnoticed following the final episode of the reality TV show. Photograph: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire

There’s a certain class of person who smugly revels in their ignorance of pop culture. Not me anymore. I'm familiar with Dani Dwye(...)

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

This very French animation featuring very English voices is reassuringly old-school

The tiny man serves up summer’s second best superhero-as-househusband movie

Daniel Kokotajlo’s Apostasy: inside the world of a Jehovah Witness family in Britain

New this week: Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Apostasy and Hotel Transylvania 3

Also: John Travolta dancing part and a missing gospel

James Gunn:    Celebrities are not alone in being haunted by this record of late-night belligerence and misguided youthful sarcasm. Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn was fired over decade-old tweets about child abuse. People may change, but their soc(...)

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission:Impossible –  Fallout

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Siobhán Finneran, Sacha Parkinson and Molly Wright

Review: Tale of Jehovah’s Witnesses portrays a world of suffocation and sly indoctrination

James Wilby (foreground) and Rupert Graves

Review: Homophobia probably made this one of Merchant Ivory’s least successful films

The Favourite, Yorgos Lanthimos’s much-anticipated follow-up to The Lobster and Killing of a Sacred Deer, which is produced by Element Pictures in Dublin

The Favourite from Yorgos Lanthimos will compete for the Golden Lion at Venice and John Butler’s Papi Chulo will premiere at Toron(...)

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt and Henry Cavill as August Walker in Mission Impossible – Fallout. Photograph: Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise’s 16 best films over a career that has stretched over 30 years

Tom Cruise straining to stay credible as an agent in the field

High-class action keeps preposterous series going as who can say no to duelling helicopters?

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: the cast includes Cher, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried

Proud Abba fan Donald Clarke on the music that makes Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Jeff Goldblum and Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis

Review: ‘It feels like an adaptation of a cult comic you’re never going to read’

Also: Paul Newman shoots some pool and a puzzling location question

Meryl before she was mamma: Lily James in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

New this week: Mamma Mia!, Summer 1993, Boom for Real

Henry Cavill: “Moustachegate is now a thing. My moustache has been immortalised.” Photograph: Tom Jamieson/NYT

The Mission: Impossible star on Tom Cruise, #MeToo and taking over as James Bond

Donald Clarke: Willis was among the first actors to go from A-list TV star to A-list movie star. Photograph:  20th Century Fox/Getty

Donald Clarke on the film’s enduring legacy, literary roots and Willis’s breakout role

Laia Artigas as Frida

Review: Catalonian film is, at its core, a sad, potentially tragic tale of emotional survival

New this week: Summer 1993, on limited release

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Jessica Keenan Wynn, Lily James and Alexa Davies in Mamma Mia! Here We Go again.

Review: No musical staffed by actors who sing like suffering badgers had any right to be so much fun

Hugh O’Conor, the admired actor and photographer, made a charming directorial debut with his humane comedy Metal Heart.

The 2018 Fleadh was defined by some first-class documentaries. Evidence that we can’t escape our violent past came with Keepers of(...)

The Dig, the first feature from Belfast directors Ryan and Andrew Tohill, won best film at the Galway Film Fleadh

‘Katie’ - picture charting rise of boxer Katie Taylor - wins best Irish documentary award

Dwayne Johnson succeeds because he has enormous charm and because he is disciplined in his choices. Photograph: Ryan Conaty/The New York Times

The golden era of a film selling itself on its star is over – but ‘Skyscraper’ does just that

Disney/Pixar’s Up

Featuring a ‘Toy Story’ marathon and the beloved ‘Up’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘WALL-E’

Also: What is Michael Flatley’s new film called: Bald Eagle, Blackbird, Grebe or Thrush?

Pixar power: Helen Parr (voiced by Holly Hunter) in The Incredibles 2

New this week: The Incredibles 2, First Reformed, Lost & Found, The Secret of Marrowbone

Review: It’s a shame Sergio G Sánchez didn’t stretch himself more in his directorial debut

Rosey Blair, sitting right behind her targets, detailed every turn of the developing relationship on Instagram and Twitter.

The horribly intrusive #PlaneBae story kicks up awkward questions about what makes us pay attention these days

New this week: Adèle Exarchopoulos in Racer and the Jailbird

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Liam O Mochain: “I would raise the money myself. I’d work at different jobs”

Maverick director Liam O Mochain has spent six years, and his own money, on his new film

Review: It’s a shameless retread of ‘Die Hard’, lifting entire scenes from the 1980s classic

Review: You’ll gawp. You’ll ponder. And you’ll laugh the way only Pixar can make you

Also: How many people have won both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize?

The original bride of Frankenstein: Elle Fanning in Mary Shelley

New this week: Mary Shelley, Whitney plus a reissue of Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter

Bette Davis and Thelma Ritter in “All About Eve”. Margo Channing, played by Davis,  is among the most divine monsters in the history of cinema (1950). Photograph: 20th Century Fox

Classic movie ‘All about Eve’ is being turned into a play with Gillian Anderson. Why?

New this week: Whitney

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

In synch: Rob Brydon and assorted pool-bound oddballs

Review: This very British film is never entirely awful, but it’s never very good either

Of all the movies in all the theatres in all the world...

A poster for ‘Blackbird’ suggests the plot of ‘Casablanca’, with Flatley in the Bogart role

The romantic poets were as dreary in their sexist debauchery as their rock-star successors 150 years later

Review: Shot in Ireland, this is more posh Sunday telly than electrifying cinema

Review: This film broke the allegation that Dee Dee Warwick molested Whitney Houson

Behind the camera: Haifaa al-Mansour made Saudi Arabia’s first feature film

Saudi director Haifaa al-Mansour on breaking the rules and filming on the streets of Dublin

Also: Oscar blockbusters before inflation, Hollywood RIP, and Bond sans theme song

Off the grid: Thomasin McKenzie and Ben Foster in Leave No Trace

New this week: Leave No Trace, Sicario 2, Dublin Oldschool, Patrick, The Endless

Filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead: Photograph: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

‘If five per cent say I’m lost, five per cent say It was too obvious’, that’s about right,' say directors Justin Benson and Aaron (...)

Pope John Paul II’s visit to Galway in  1979. That experience confirmed your isolation from the church and propelled you towards a life resisting the establishment.

Want cultural references and a killer payoff? I am here to help you

New this week: Emily Attack and Jennifer Saunders in Patrick

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

UK actress Vanessa Redgrave attends the presentation of the documentary ‘Sea sorrow - The pain of the sea’ in Milan. Photograph: Daniel Dal Zennaro/EPA

30-year anniversary festival moves into the newly opened Pálás cinema for some screenings

Review: Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s crafty film sits in a category all by itself

Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm in Tag  Photo: Warner Bros

Review: There are women in the film, but none has anything you could call a personality

She’s a hippie; he’s a posh English bloke. A few minutes of their lovey-dovey speak  and you’ll be yearning for return to the drifting boat and the looming skies

Review: A new film genre seems to have grown up: the extreme survival movie

Saoirse Ronan is transcendent as a fraught teenager who is closer to her mother than their fuming rows would suggest, in Lady Bird

Donald Clarke: Only two Oscar nominees for best picture make our six-month review list

Jason (Emmet Kirwan), an aspiring DJ, and Daniel (Ian Lloyd Anderson), his  heroin-addicted brother

The screen fizzes with the talent of some of Ireland’s best actors. But it’s not enough

The Commitments (1991): Alan Parker's euphoric adaptation of the 1987 Roddy Doyle novel

Donald Clarke on the best portrayals of the city on film, from ‘The Informer’ to ‘Sing Street’

Bend It Like Beckham

Also: Alfred Hitchcock’s last, Oscar winners’ dads, and a helluva long weekend

This time it’s personal: Diane Kruger in In the Fade

New this week: In the Fade, The Happy Prince, Ocean’s 8, Kissing Candice

Toni Collette in Hereditary: its Grid of Shame confirms there is no drug use and sex/nudity is only Mild

Donald Clarke: What we object to at the cinema has changed. Movie ratings should too

Review: Gut-wrenching moments of tragedy in Fatih Akin’s gritty crime drama

New this week: Kissing Candice

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Review: Rupert Everett the writer-director isn’t as impressive as Rupert Everett the actor

Review: ‘Things were better during the Troubles. Now the mad ones have the run of the place’

Sandra Bullock suggested that only those in any film’s target audience should review that film

The idea that only kids should review children’s films is even sillier, writes Donald Clarke

Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Brad Bird and Samuel L Jackson at the world premiere of Pixar’s Incredibles 2.

Also: What was the last non-sequel to top the box office for its year of release?

Twisted nerves: Toni Collette in Hereditary

New this week: Hereditary, A Ciambra, Studio 54, The Sound of Music

Uruguay’s forward Edinson Cavani (R) vies with Egypt’s midfielder Sam Morsy (L) during the Group A football match between Egypt and Uruguay. Photograph: Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images

I don’t like soccer, I only like the World Cup. Have you got that?

Rupert Everett: “I don’t think there is any point in regretting.” Photograph: Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

The ‘Happy Prince’ star on being gay, playing Oscar Wilde, and surviving the film world

Studio 54: celebrity-strewn

Review: Gripping tale of the 1970s New York disco that foretold of the world we now live in

New this week: Liza Minnelli, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol on the scene to be seen, as depicted in Studio 54

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Gabriel Byrne and Tony Collettte in  ‘Hereditary’, ‘a devastating portrait of an American family in sudden, inexplicable decline’

Cinema-goers are flocking to the art-horror film ... then giving out about it afterwards

Review: Super Troopers belong to 2001, when Linkin Park were big and Clinton was president

One to watch: Spinder-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Animated ‘Spiderman’ looks promising. But ‘Suspiria’, and new films from Steve McQueen and Lenny Abrahamson look breathtaking

Too close for comfort: Ann Skelly in Kissing Candice

Aoife McArdle has made her name with videos for Bryan Ferry and U2. Her debut feature, ‘Kissing Candice’, was made for a much lowe(...)

Also: The youngest ever best Oscar actress, going dame-less, and Adam Sandler – not!

Things that go Stomp! in the night: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

New this week: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, McQueen, All the Wild Horses, The Boy Downstairs

Beyoncé: high priestess of woke

It did not take long for the word to get twisted and turned back on the socially responsible

Riders line up at the start of the 2017 Mongol Derby  in Mongolia. Photograph: Julian Herbert.

Review: No one in this documentary seems easy company, but it could become cult viewing

New this week: Zosia Mamet and Diana Irvine in The Boy Downstairs

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ... The first Jurassic Park is the only one in the sequence to receive unqualified love

‘Episode Five Syndrome’ has blighted film franchises from Star Trek to Rocky

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