Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: Last Blood. Photograph: Lionsgate

Review: There are good reasons why they don’t make them like this any more

Oscars contenders: Hustlers, Joker, Parasite and Marriage Story

Academy Awards 2020: An educated stab at the 2020 best-film nominees, six months out

Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss and Tiffany Haddish star in The Kitchen

Review: Film starring Melissa McCarthy in 1970s Manhattan splutters to weak ending

My, your majesty, what brown eyes one’s got

Neither Claire Foy nor Colman look much like the queen, so does ocular continuity matter?

Lulu Wang, director of The Farewell: ‘I made something that is unapologetically me – both Chinese and American.’ Photograph: Joyce Kim/New York Times

The Chinese-American director on wowing Sundance, turning down ‘streaming service’ money, and how Crazy Rich Asians proved you don(...)

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out

Knives Out, Joker, Jojo Rabbit, The Goldfinch and The Report among the contenders

New this week: Michelle Dockery, Geraldine James, Simon Jones and Matthew Goode in Downton Abbey

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

And the Oscar goes to? Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

New this weekend: Hustlers, Downton Abbey, For Sama, Phoenix


Plus: How are actors Barbra Streisand and Diane Lane related by marriage?

Extra Ordinary requires epic suspension of disbelief

Review: This intimate romp about everyday people packs in a lot. Maybe too much

For Sama: speaks to the human capacity for survival

Review: Waad al-Kateab’s documentary has moments of beauty among the horrors

Downton Abbey: disarming and charming

Review: The familiarity of it does little to dull the appeal

Toronto International Film Festival: Nicole Kidman at the Goldfinch premiere. Photograph: Amy Sussman/Getty

Toronto film festival: Opening weekend also included Knives Out, Greed and Sea Fever

Don’t bet against The Painted Bird winning the Golden Bear at Venice this weekend. 

Why are audience members so eager to flee screenings of The Painted Bird?

Waad al-Kateab filming the ruins of a building destroyed by bombing in besieged east Aleppo in October 2016.

During the assault on Aleppo, an accidental citizen journalist began filming. She didn’t know she was making one of 2019’s essenti(...)

New this week: The Shiny Shrimps, on limited release

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Hook, line and thinker: Edward Rowe and Chloe Endean in Bait

New this weekend: Bait, Rojo, The Shiny Shrimps

Also: Wallace and Gromit’s debut, Astaire and Kellys on fire and Angelina Jolie's odd one out

Benjamin Naishtat enjoys putting the camera below the dashboard when watching his characters drive.

Review: Benjamin Naishtat’s awkward movie demands patience from the viewer

Far from an unqualified success, this Irish sex comedy reveals its limited budget in every frame

Review: The film follows events in a Dublin sex shop during a fraught working day

Harvey Weinstein exits court after an arraignment over a new indictment for sexual assault on August 26th, in New York. Photograph:  Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A new documentary on Weinstein gives some of his victims a first chance to speak on camera

The Portman Group’s ruling on the cocktail was less to with impropriety than with the implicit suggestion that it might aid performance in the boudoir.

Am I the only one reeling at the fact that the venerable shop is selling ‘Porn Star Martinis’?

Mark Cousins: ‘Bernadette Devlin is still the greatest thinker about the North that I have heard’

Critic Mark Cousins takes a personal look at North’s relationship with cinema for Channel 4

New this week: Aaron Taylor-Johnson in A Million Little Pieces

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Picnic at hangdog rock: Honor Swinton-Byrne and Tom Burke in The Souvenir

New this weekend: The Souvenir, Aniara, A Faithful Man, The Mustang

Matthias Schoenaerts chews the scenery as Roman Coleman in The Mustang

Review: Performances elevate an old familiar tune that gets a little stranded between genres

Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) has dinner with his imaginary friend Adolf (writer-director Taika Waititi), and his mother, Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) in Jojo Rabbit. Photograph: Kimberley French/Twentieth Century Fox

Donald Clarke runs the rule over the likely winners ahead of this week’s festival trifecta

Prince Charles meets Daniel Craig on the set of the 25th 007 film at Pinewood Studios in June. Photograph: Chris Jackson/Reuters

Also: Sisters and their Oscars, not a Dustin film, and a query about Cherilyn Sarkisian

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion. The original story has Getafix slipping into a late-life crisis and declaring that he needs a successor to take over magic-potion duties.

Review: The animation is routine and our favourite characters don’t get enough to do

Tilda Swinton, Tom Burke and Honor Swinton Byrne in The Souvenir

Review: A Withnail and I-style study of a posh lush, but without the nostalgia

Saoirse Ronan as Eilis in the film Brooklyn. Photograph: Kerry Brown / courtesy Twentieth Century Fox

Review: Ruth Barton comes up with some workable answers to her own questions

Actor Keanu Reeves portrays Neo in a scene from The Matrix Reloaded. Photograph: Warner Bros/Reuters

Humans approach much of life in a deluded trance. Hence the jubilation about sequels to mediocre films

new this week

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

 Joanna Hogg: ‘I didn’t want to fetishise the shape of a glass or whatever. I wanted it to be about the story and not about the interior decoration’ Photograph: Danny Martindale/Getty Images

The director on her semi-autobiographical new film The Souvenir, starring her friend Tilda Swinton’s daughter, and how Batman stol(...)

Contemplating creativity: Antonio Banderas and Nora Navas in Pain and Glory

New this weekend: Pain and Glory, Never Grow Old, Hail Satan?, Crawl

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark:  just the sort of goo that younger horror fans adore

Review: Guillermo del Toro produces a very agreeable horror romp to appeal to teens

Blake Berris and Emile Hirsch in Never Grow Old. Photograph: Saban Films

Review: Ivan Kavanagh’s film is impressively filthy and studded with convincing violence

Penélope Cruz as the mother in Pain and Glory

Review: Almodóvar is in a contemplative mood for his take on Fellini’s 8½

Also: The Marvel universe in order, a Brad Pitt non-movie, Oscar number crunching

The late Peter Fonda with his father Henry and daughter Jane,  circa 1963. Photograph: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Peter Fonda, though a smaller star than other family members, helped reinvent Hollywood

John Wayne drags poor Maureen O’Hara across the windy turf like a cave man

Film sex is fine. But sex featuring Irish actors, in films set in Ireland? That never really works

There are many lessons to be drawn from Universal Studio’s cancellation of the hitherto upcoming The Hunt

Without seeing the movie, people have opinions on whether it was a right-wing or a left-wing

New this week: Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows, exclusively at the Triskel in Cork

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Sock it to me: Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood

New this weekend: Once Upon a Time in . . . Hollywood, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Transit, Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows

Also: Once upon a role in Hollywood, a new Bafta award, Saoirse Ronan’s mums

Emile Hirsch in Ivan Kavanagh’s Never Grow Old. ‘I remember Sean Penn saying, you should do a western. You have the face for a western.’

In 2015, the actor was convicted of assaulting a movie executive at Sundance. His quiet rehabilitation continues with a role in Ta(...)

In this case, it helps that Bill Hader and Tom Cruise share certain facial traits

A harmless doctored video of Bill Hader becoming Tom Cruise has triggered full-on panic

 Lucas (Keith L Williams), Max (Jacob Tremblay) and Thor (Brady Noon) in Good Boys, written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Stupnitsky. It begins with a riff borrowed from American Pie that sets the uneasy tone for what is to follow

Review: It’s a squalid mess that makes ill use of some talented young performers

Transit: challenging but worth the effort

Review: This existential riddle keeps the audience on edge throughout

Neasa Hardiman’s Sea Fever will be among the 54 per cent of films directed by women playing in the Discovery strand at Toronto

The number of female directors in the film business remains stubbornly low

Are the Manson killings a suitable context for this celebration of vintage cool?

The film isn’t about the murder of Sharon Tate and friends in 1969. It’s about the end of eras

Harvey Keitel was originally cast in the lead role but, deemed unacceptable, was replaced by Martin Sheen (above)

Francis Ford Coppola’s disaster-struck Vietnam epic has had yet another recut

Quentin looks to be encouraging a dramatic pause partway through the title

Those three dots in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood are a ‘creative decision’

A photograph showing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting president Bill Clinton at a White House function submitted as evidence in documents by the Starr investigation and released by the House Judicary committee September 21st, 1998.

A new American Crime Story project will see overdue redemption for Monica Lewinsky

Sea Fever: Neasa Hardiman’s film stars Hermione Corfield, Connie Nielsen and Dougray Scott in a science-fiction tale about a marine-biology student confronting a mysterious organism on an Atlantic trawler

Canadian event is the most important cinema festival in North American calendar

Doggerel: Milo Ventimiglia in The Art of Racing in the Rain, opening today

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Dark of the sun: Victoria Carmen Sonne and Lai Yde in Holiday

New this weekend: Holiday, Blinded by the Light, Gaza, The Sun Is Also a Star

Also: Two-Oscar characters, staffing Hogwarts, Jackman credits, films of THE book

The Sun is also a Star opens on August 9th

Review: A dreamy romance that will cause even cynics to emit contented sighs

Surfing in Gaza. “The object was to show the relentlessness involved in trying to eke out some normality. The surfers enjoy themselves while gunboats loom in the distance”

‘We have three phases in Gaza. We prepare for war. There’s the war. There is mopping up after war’

Nell Williams, Aaron Phagura, and Viveik Kalra in Blinded by the Light.

Review: Actors play delightfully off one another as every beat hits with resounding force

You’re no Lego Movie

Review: This effort to replicate the commercial sucess of The Lego Movie is a creative flop

Yara Shahidi in The Sun is Also a Star

The fluency of this politically engaged actor, just 19, is staggering. Maybe Oprah is right?

Timothée Chalamet and Selena Gomez with director Woody Allen on the set of A Rainy Day in New York. The film has just been unveiled in Poland. Further releases are planned, but there is no sign of it emerging in these territories.

Different cases of Allen and Polanski show how past is now up for vigorous reassessment

Mine's bigger! No, mine's bigger! The Rock & The Stath in  Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, opening today

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Hot town, summer in the city: Spike Lee in Do the Right Thing (1989)

New this weekend: Do the Right Thing and Oldboy rereleased, plus Photograph and The Angry Birds Movie 2

Also: The first of 4 franchises, officially Tarantino, the most Marvel, not starring Travolta

Awarded the Grand Prix, Oldboy went on to gather ecstatic reviews and open new doors for Korean cinema in the west

Review: Famous, often-copied action sequence remains as striking as ever

Director Spike Lee plays Mookie, a pizza deliveryman

Review: Previous ranting about the film nudging black audiences towards violence now sounds like so much gibberish

The Irishman: Al Pacino – astonishingly, making his debut in the Scorsese wheelhouse – and Robert De Niro

The trailer exists to reassure the millions who grew up with Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed.

‘The awful banter is something else,’ writes Donald Clarke

Review: Neither Johnson nor Statham has much to work with, but the banter is awful

Colm Tóibín: “I can’t do thrillers and I can’t do spy novels. I can’t do any genre-fiction books, really, none of them.”  Photograph: Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images

Tóibín’s error when discussing the prose in genre fiction was to move from ‘I just get bored’ to ‘it’s blank, it’s nothing’

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, director Quentin Tarantino and Margot Robbie. Photograph:  Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Director Quentin Tarantino as enthusiastic as ever but can’t avoid criticism of his past

New this week: Sandrine Bonnaire and Eriq Ebouaney in A Season in France, showing exclusively at Triskel, Cork

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

The boat that rocked: Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw in Jaws

New this weekend: Jaws, The Chambermaid, Marianne & Leonard, A Season in France

Also: That Cats trailer, Sam Jackson titles, Oscar nominees by country, the first Columbo

The mechanical shark is so appalling that one is minded to question Spielberg’s claim that it would have appeared more frequently had it worked better

Review: Steven Spielberg’s 1976 classic is back for a limited release of a shiny new print

Gabriela Cartol in The Chambermaid

Review: Gabriela Cartol plays a hardworking hotel worker in Mexico, striving for better

Avengers: Endgame has taken in almost €2.5 billion since its release three months ago.   Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

James Cameron’s Avatar knocked from top spot as Marvel film makes €2.5 billion

Jack Reynor attends the Premiere Of A24’s Midsommar at ArcLight Hollywood in June. Photograph: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The actor has made his first film: ‘I got to wear my own clothes, be Jack all day. Amazing’

Conservative MP and leadership contender Boris Johnson holds up kipper fish in plastic packaging as he speaks at the final Conservative Party leadership election hustings in London. - Photograph: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

The informality invites us to view his less lovely outbursts as the forgivable ramblings of a silly pal

Tom Cruise speaks at the Top Gun: Maverick panel during 2019 Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center on Thursday. Photograph:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tom Cruise was as unblemished as a newly born kitten 34 years ago and not much has changed

New this week: The Lion King

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

That old bleak magic: Maxine Peake in Gwen

New this weekend: Gwen, Varda by Agnès

Also: Hitchcock women in danger, adapting Shakespeare, Bond’s numero uno baddie

Made for $400,000, Easy Rider  took $60 million at the box office

In July 1969, Dennis Hopper’s movie baffled the suits, freaked out audiences and made a fortune

The Lion King, featuring the voices of James Earl Jones as Mufasa, and JD McCrary as Young Simba

Review: It’s technically remarkable but the characters are weak and the story a carbon copy

Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Lashana Lynch at the Bond 25 film launch in Jamaica. Photograph: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Reports that Lashana Lynch is to take on the 007 code name should be approached with caution

Jack Reynor’s horror short ‘Bainne’. Photograph:  Madeline Mulqueen

There was lots of comedy and a little Celtic misery at the famously bibulous festival

Luciano Pavarotti with Princess Diana

Review: His earthy storytelling helps counteract the general blandness of this film

Netflix once had the field to itself. Now Disney and other Hollywood behemoths are closing in – and they’re here to take your mone(...)

It speaks to the continuing grimness of this island’s history that so many will still baulk at the suggestion that ‘very few significant distinctions’ exist between your average unionist and your average nationalist. Photograph:  Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The Twelfth weekend neatly illustrates Freud’s ‘narcissism of small differences’

New this week: Laia Costa and Josh O’Connor in Only You

The Irish Times what-to-see guide to the movies now in cinemas across Ireland

Ron Howard: I am always looking for those stories and to share what I have learned. Photograph: The New York Times

The director on telling Pavarotti’s larger-than-life story, making movies that last and looking for stories to share

Head shot: Adam Driver in The Dead Don’t Die

New this weekend: The Dead Don’t Die, Only You, Stuber, Eating Animals, The Brink

Also: Whose old man doesn’t rock, Oscar-nominated characters, based on an untrue story

Iggy Pop stars as Male Coffee Zombie in  Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die. Photograph: Frederick Elmes / Focus Features © 2019 Image Eleven Productions, Inc

Review: It’s so much fun that one slightly regrets the eventual arrival of the zombies

Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani in Stuber

Review: The buddy-cop comedy makes a rare comeback in this mid-summer diversion

The farming of turkeys is  one of the distasteful practices described

Review: Future generations may look back on these practices as we now do at slavery

Ivan Kavanagh’s Never Grow Old, a western starring Emile Hirsch and John Cusack.

Prestigious festival provides point of reference for for the very best of new Irish cinema

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