Turkey’s dictatorship after the coup


Sir, – With reference to your fine editorial (July 27th) on the disturbing developments in Turkey, one does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to note the astonishing alacrity with which a list of 30,000 “terrorist” suspects was compiled in the immediate aftermath of the coup, and those suspects promptly arrested.

One has to ask who was the chief beneficiary of this incredibly inept coup attempt?

It is further to be noted that the “terrorist” Fethullah Gülen is in fact a remarkably moderate and ecumenically-minded Islamic cleric, who was a close ally of President Erdogan until he uncovered an unacceptable degree of corruption in Erdogan’s close associates, including his immediate family.

It would be appalling if this man were to be handed over by the US to Turkey on the basis of trumped-up charges.

Instead, Turkey should be isolated from the civilised world until Mr Erdogan can be brought to book.

– Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.