Time to revisit funeral restrictions


Sir, – One welcomes the publication by the Government of the roadmap which enables many segments of economic and social life to plan for the rest of the year. However, it is hard to understand why there is a continuation of this insistence on curtailing funeral attendance to just 10 people until June 8th.

What is so magical or scientific with this figure of 10?

Should the criteria not be set with reference to the space available, the nature of the ceremony and the maintenance of strict social distancing?

For example, in our local church, which is not particularly large compared to other Dublin churches, adherence to strict social distancing would allow for up to 50 mourners to attend.

Over the last two months the restriction of attendance to just 10 has resulted in so many cases where the closest of relations, including siblings, grandchildren, cousins and in-laws, have being excluded. As a consequence, the trauma of losing a loved one is accentuated by being deprived of the opportunity to mourn in the company of family and close friends.

The Government has told us that is open to a reappraisal of this timetable. I would suggest it takes a hard look at this particular issue and remedy it immediately. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.