Time to reform off-licence sales


Sir, – People can now buy alcohol in pubs on Good Friday. The removal of this ban is a positive move by the Government and it should not stop there.

Leo Varadkar is noted for saying he wants to lead “for people who get up early in the morning”. Does he include me in this assertion, and others that would like to buy wine for dinner when we buy the other ingredients at 9am or 10am?

We can buy most of what we need in the supermarket but cannot access the alcohol aisle. Those of us that like to spread our patronage around the local baker, butcher and green grocer cannot share that custom with the off-licence or wine retailer.

Not until 10.30am at the earliest when half the morning is gone. Sunday is worse, as we have to wait until the afternoon.

The lifting of the Good Friday alcohol ban has not caused the sky to fall in.

Neither would reforming the off-licence sales times. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.