Time for a driver theory test amnesty


Sir, – I am asking the Minister for Transport to grant an amnesty to those whose driver theory test has been postponed yet again or to temporarily waive or postpone the need for the driver theory test to be passed in order to be able to take driving lessons.

My teenager applied November 2020 to sit the driver theory test and was given a date in February 2021, and the plan was that she’d start her course of 12 driving lessons this summer. This date was then postponed by the department to June 2021 and has now been postponed yet again by the department to November 2021.

This means that my teenager will not be able to have any driving lessons this summer. Our young people have suffered so many postponements in the last year.

Let’s not add any more postponements to the list. In the time of Covid, a little bit of pragmatism and generosity are required. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.