The Anglo-Celtic Isles?


Sir, – As we reach the final days of negotiations on Brexit, it is somewhat rich and ironic for Britain, once a major colonial and imperial power, to be arguing for its sovereignty, independence and national identity. Not too long ago “Rule Britannia” was the order of the day as many countries were denied the very same rights by Britain, as they were ruled, ravaged and suppressed for Mother England.

However, sovereignty is important, and our Government must take steps to preserve and enhance the independence of Ireland.

For example, the islands we share with Britain should be renamed to reflect their true identity. We are not British and we do not live in Britain.

The name British Isles is a misnomer. An accurate and appropriate name would be Anglo-Celtic Isles, a name our Scottish and Welsh cousins would welcome, and one that most English would accept. The EU and many countries, including the US, would also support the change.

This is not just an academic, emotional or political point. There are also sound economic reasons for the name change.

As Britain distances itself from the EU, Ireland must be clearly seen as a different entity to the UK and an integral part of Europe. A change of name for these islands to Anglo-Celtic Isles would lessen confusion, clarify matters and should have long-term benefits for our international trade and inward investment.

We should follow the French, who call the channel of water between England and France La Manche. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 6W.