Teachers' Pay Claim


Sir, - I find it hard to believe that secondary teachers are denying teaching to examination students during their industrial action. The nurses offered emergency care during their strike, and examination students are the equivalent of necessary emergency care in this dispute. The striking teachers never missed any schooling when they were young because of industrial action. They have no right to deny it to this generation, especially to exam students.

Whatever the merits of their case, by denying examination students the teaching they need in this crucial year, the teachers have lost all moral authority. Whatever moneys they may gain from this action will be tainted, and it will bring them no luck in the future. The discipline problems they face will inevitably increase, because every household in the country knows the moral vacuum into which teachers have sunk, as they bully the most vulnerable of our population.

Will the minority (perhaps the majority) of teachers who agree with the above sentiments for God's sake stand up and say so. Then society will welcome these misguided workers back, into the fold, so that we can all work together for our children's future. - Yours, etc.,

Muredach Doherty, Lower Beechwood Ave, Dublin 6.