Taxis for hire


Sir, – Nothing more reveals the low priority given to customer service in the operation of taxis in Dublin than the complete disregard by drivers of the road to signal whether they are “occupied” or “for hire”.

Of course the design of the taxi roof-sign in Dublin is in itself unhelpful – a colour of pale yellow which in day time will not sufficiently show the light supposed to signal it is “for hire”.

In other capital cities the availability is quite clear – red or green lights shown prominently for all to see and which automatically change once the meter is engaged or stopped. The headrests on the front seats of cars make visual recognition of availability impossible.

I know it is too much to ask for such a convenience.

Who cares? Not our very expensive Taxi Regulatory Authority – look at its budget. Customers for decades have accepted drivers reactions such as: “I hope you know where your going ’cause I’m from the southside/northside”.

There is no meaningful test of “knowledge” before anybody who wants to obtain a taxi licence.

Would our Minister for Transport have the remotest interest in such trivial matters? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 2.