Sir, - As a visiting emigrant I was very happy to see how well the country is doing. New business everywhere, new pubs, nightclubs, houses, cars. It's great to see. In times of boom people will spend more and go out more for entertainment.

Why is it that in times of boom we are still at a recession level of taxi service in Dublin? People are willing (and able to afford) to use taxi services. I queued 45 minutes at Heuston Station for a taxi. I was very thankful that it was just cold and not cold and wet or snowing. The country is doing a lot of things right; isn't it about time that this was rectified.

To continue further, this is not a state monopoly and should therefore be open to competition, yet it seems that it is closed to the few who currently operate taxi Iicenses. How can they hold the public to ransom with such a small number of people? - Is mise le meas,

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