Sympathy for Theresa May


Sir, – In his piece on Theresa May (“Don’t even feel a bit sorry for Theresa May”, Analysis, March 16th), Fintan O’Toole claims that, “she has lost more dramatically than any previous British prime minister”.

Surely that dubious honour should be reserved for her smugly overconfident predecessor, David Cameron, who was responsible for ushering in the Brexit shambles in the first place before backing out of politics and swanning off to the highly lucrative after-dinner lecture circuit. Fair is fair. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.

Sir, – I implore the British government to finalise the Brexit negotiations as soon as possible, one way or the other. That way, Fintan O’Toole may be able to get back to some sort of normal life and to writing his always informative articles on some other topics for a change. The man must be almost as exhausted as poor auld Theresa May. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 5.