State funding and religious ethos


Sir, – The continuous pressure on the welfare state has resulted in government outsourcing many keys services to charities. Many of these charities have a strong faith based ethos. One of the key ingredients of a charity, whether it be a school or a hospital, is its independence.

Many of the Catholic ethos hospitals are mandated by their founding governing documents to have and in some cases act out their faith through their work.

Over time they began to accept State funding. This has greatly and irreparably compromised their independence and ethos.

It makes perfect sense for central government to have some degree of input and control into their affairs if it is giving them financial resources to continue operating.

For charities such as hospitals or schools to stay true to their founding principles, they should not accept such government funding.

Accepting State funding will lead to the slow, subtle and silent erosion of their ethos. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.