Public meetings


A chara, – As a voter with both a professional and a personal interest in education in my area, I was drawn to attend a public meeting on the subject organised by a local Labour TD.

Following some contributions by public representatives and others on education, proceedings were opened to the floor, with the stated aim of seeking opinions on how to improve the provision of education.

It was disappointing that the rest of the meeting was dominated by a vocal group of persons who were determined, come what may, to take the opportunity to attack the representatives present over the “Save Moore Street” issue.

Constructive discussion was constantly overshadowed by those who evidently had education, teaching and learning in second place on their agenda for the night.

Whatever one’s thoughts on the junior Coalition partner in Government, surely it has a right to hold a meeting without disruption? Similarly, can’t an interested Joe Bloggs come along with an expectation that a meeting on education will be allowed to focus on education?

Incidentally, what I did learn that evening was that almost everyone involved in politics in the country, from Fine Gael right through to Sinn Féin, “should be ashamed of themselves”. It seems that I need to educate myself. – Is mise,



Baile Átha Cliath 9.